Monday, August 20, 2007

Let's choc!

I see they're reviving the Wispa (albeit temporarily). That's good news. I like bubbles in chocolate so I welcome it. But why don't they bring back my other long lost faves:

Nutty 'Nuts! Nuts! Lots of nuts! You get 'em in a Nutty bar!', sung in a kind of 1920s vocoder type way. Loved this, though it was rather reminiscent of nutty poo. Basically a log of fudge rolled in peanuts. Nice see through brown wrapper too.

Cabana A very odd combination when-you-think-about it of coconut, caramel and glace cherries covered in milk chocolate. I thought it worked, but obviously Mackintosh or whoever made it thought differently. Shame.

Strawberry Aero
I was never a fan of Rowntrees chocolate, so the ordinary Aero never did it for me. However I liked the ones that had surprising coloured insides, like this one and the mint one and the orange one too.

Icebreaker A bar of chocolate with something like Fox's Glacier Mint splinters in it. Plain too, I think. Nice. Always advertised as being refreshing, which it clearly was not. It's chocolate.

Dairy Milk/Milk Tray bars. Remember these? With the actual chocs you could break off and eat. They must have been very complicated to produce. But they were great - a box of chocs in a handy bar.

Weekend Talking of boxes of chocs, these were a grandma staple. I liked the green marzipan with chocolate swirl on it, the orange jelly, the montelimar and the fudge that had furrows on the top. Why did they stamp these out?

Mint cracknel. Covered in chocolate. All the fun of the fair. Mmmmm.

Creme-filled Squirrels from Terry's. Sickly, but nice at Easter.

Spartan Also from Terry's a rather difficult selection of hard centres. Not kid-friendly at all, but a nice box.

And of course, Five Centres. I might start a letter-writing campaign, Not the milk one though. I don't recall it and it sounds vile.


Clair said...

Perfect post, especially as I have just scoffed a Marks chocolate bar AND a cheesecake (individual), and consequently feel sick as a dog. I'd be more than happy with the return of the Toffee Treet, or Pink Panther chocolate bars.

Five-Centres said...

Ooh yes, Toffee Treets, in the pale blue bag.

Loved that Pink Panther one too.

Ishouldbeworking said...

I still hold out hope that one day they will revive the 'Texan' bar ("You wouldn't shoot a man 'till he'd finished his Texan Bar, would ya?" said the Clint Eastwood-eque hero of the animated adverts, using the virtually everlasting, semi-set concrete texture of the Texan Bar's filling as a ruse to fool a firing sqad.)

I once kindly broke off a piece and gave it to my dog, and it had the immediate effect of virtually welding his jaws together. I'm not sure my own teeth would stand up to that sort of work-out these days.

Maybe I'll just wait for the Wispa. At least they were safe.

Valentine Suicide said...

" Last request Gringo..." I remember that Texan ad..

I used to love those Dairy Milk bars. If you took a really big bite you could get about four chunks in one go for a really sickly taste exposion.

I can't say I'm arsed about Wispa's. I like chocolate in my bars, not air.

Nuttys were awful though I have fond recall of Topics.

Star Bars have just made a reappearance around these parts. (either that of they never went away and I've just noticed them again)

Bright Ambassador said...

They did revive Texans a couple of years ago. I saw them once in Woolworth's and bought four. I went back a few weeks later for more, but they'd gone. Bah!

Clair said...

Texans were back briefly in 1995, via the website. I got bought some, and frankly, they were even better than before, as they weren't the same consistency as an iron bar.

Ishouldbeworking said...

Texans were brought back and nobody told me? I'm gutted!