Monday, August 20, 2007

Five tunes off the F-C ipod No. 4

I've not been paying much attention to music lately, having been a away a bit. On holiday we only listend to selections from The Sound of Music and the two volumes of The In-Kraut, especially Hildergarde Knef's Holiday Time, which is very apt for Austria.

So apart from that:

Kew Gardens/Mary Hopkin. A faux-baroque workout as lovely Mary sings of sunny days. Hippieish/Tudor.

Mouthful Of Grass/Free. An instrumental, no less, a lovely, mellow rocking lying-in-the-long-grass-in-flares-on-a-sunny-September-day kind of tune. From a great album called Meridien 1970 - alternative tunes from '70, but not what you'd expect.

Farewell To A Broken Doll/Mark Wirtz Orchestra. From the Teenage Opera album, which really is quite a peculiarity. Mainly songs about old people in their old professions being mocked by go ahead teens, at their peril. I can't find the message. Some nice tunes though, like this one, and Sam by Keith West.

Bright Phoebus/Lal and Mike Waterson. Off their classic album of the same name,another moving one. I love her voice. I love this album.

Christine's Tune/Flying Burrito Brothers. One of those bands I avoided listening too because they fall into If You Don't Like This You Don't Know Music category. They're alright, slightly overrated, but I like this. It's one of those songs you hear through sleep, you know, dropping off on the sofa while your ipod plays. You hear a song and really like it and it seems to last forever. cf Valley Of The Dolls by Generation X and Low Spark Of High-Heeled Boys by Traffic, which also falls into very long songs I really love.


TimT said...

Glad to see you took up my suggest and bought Meridian 1970. There should be more compilations like that - it reminds me of the sort of cassettes I used to make, where you pick a theme which allows you to choose a variety of music.

One of my favourites was 'The A-Z of Women' - 26 songs featuring women's names, in alphabetical order. Anna (Beatles), Bernadette (Four Tops), Christine (House of Love), etc, etc...

Red Squirrel said...

The Flying Burrito Bros are amazing – The Gilded Palace Of Sin is THE country rock album, even if people do always go on about Gram Parsons' solo work. To be honest, FC, if you don't like it, you don't know music.

By the way, the Christine of the title was one of groupie girl band The GTOs. She died in a car crash and, after feeling rather bad about calling her a "devil in disguise:, the Burritos changed the title of the song to "Devil In Disguise" (the name Christine is never mentioned in the song).

Sorry, come over all Mojo here...

Five-Centres said...

Oh t's overrated though, Squirrel, like you. And your mag.

TT can you email me please, I've lost you email address.