Friday, August 31, 2007

She truly was the people's princess, etc.

Ten years ago today, I was staying in Huddersfield. It was the day after our picture editor's wedding, and everyonel the office had attended and we'd all got really drunk and had a great time.

So the next day, with Mrs F-C in the shower, I popped the telly on while I was waiting for her to finish so we could go to breakfast. Every channel seemed to be about Diana. Only when I saw her picture with the caption '1961-1997' did the penny drop. I must confess I had to sit down. It was quite a surprise.

Now, I'm no fan of the Royal household, but I do remember that breakfast very well. Where the night before we'd been jolliness personified, there was not a hangover to be seen, as everyone was jolted into reality. There was even the odd tear, something that's denied these days, but it was there alright. I went to knock up the stragglers and the conversation went like this:


'It's me. Breakfast finishes in five minutes.

'OK thanks!'

'And Princess Diana's dead.'

*stunned silence*

It's something we really laugh about now.

But at the time the whole thing was quite something. But I had not time for all that Dianamania, which is to blame for so many of society's ills today, IMHO. Mrs F-C was steely from the get-go, which surprised no one.

Still, can't believe it's 10 years ago and it's something none of us will ever forget, whether we liked her or not.


Bright Ambassador said...

I woke wondering why Radio 1 was playing classical music on 'that day'. I spent the rest of the day picking material for some blinds I was having made as I'd just bought my first house.

I was rather chuffed the following Saturday to be able to go home from work early. I didn't watch the funeral, I went to town instead and found all the shops closed. Bah!

Valentine Suicide said...

I think it's all rather tragic, the way the death of the People's Princess lead to the untimely removal of Mark and Lard from the Radio One Breakfast Show. It did wonders for Kevin Greening's career though (for about 20 minutes)

Gwen said...

I actually shed a few tears but I was VERY young and VERY impressionable at that time. Things would be very different now. I can't see Camilla popping her clogs having quite the same effect.

office pest said...

No, she wouldn't Gwen, but I'll lay you good money now that the U.K., and probably further afield, won't move very far between the Queen popping off and the funeral day.
These events tend to have a glue of their own and we all get caught in it whether we'd like to or not.

I think F-C is right in his recollections - we got hooked up in the mechanism of it all. It was a first since the advent 24 hr coverage.

office pest said...
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A Kitten in a Brandy Glass said...

I remember coming out of the bathroom on the morning in question, and my (neurotic, annoying and very, very royalist) flatmate was standing on the landing in a distraught daze.

"Have you heard the news?" she said.

"Oh no, have you split up with Stupid-Patronizing-Boyfriend-That-Is-Even-More-Irritating -Than-You-Are?" I said. (A state of affairs I was keenly hoping for.)

"No, no. Princess Diana is dead!" she gasped.

"Oh. Is that it?" I said, and walked off, feeling rather disappointed.

(They never did split up, they're now married with two kids. But since I don't have to see them any more, it doesn't matter....)