Friday, August 31, 2007


Up at the crack of dawn this morning to go the gym. That's right, the gym. It's probably top of my 'things I'll never do' list, however it's actually a favour for a friend.

She's training to become a personal trainer and she picked me as her 'project'. Not knowing whether to be flattered or offended I agreed and let's be honest, I could do with shifting more than a few pounds. So today was the first day.

I hate gyms, just because really. I hate the effort, I hate vanity and I'm not mad about communal changing rooms, however I bit the bullet and we did it. And you know what, it was actually okay. It's amazing the amount of people on those running machines at 7am, some plugged into the telly, others with ipods, one woman reading Love It!.

Nevertheless, I still felt nervous and a little uncomfortable. Being of slightly generous proportions I felt I was being wheeled into a freakshow as some sort of moon-faced curio. But you've got to start somewhere.

Now it's 9.32am and I feel quite good. Tired, but fine. Annoyingly I had to leave a great Heroes press do at the Gherkin early. But more of that later.

Tomorrow I'll be stiff as a board. And I 've got to do it all over again.


Rob said...

If you'd told the 13 year old me that I would pay someone 30 quid to physically torture me every Friday morning at 7am I would have killed myself on the spot just to avoid the horror of it all. But I do and - for a strange array of reasons - I really enjoy it. Look fwd to it even. Strange world we live in, no?

Five-Centres said...

I know, Rob, but once you get over 40 the mirror is not kind and neither are small children, so then it's time for action. But I need someone to make me do it, so this is ideal.

Ishouldbeworking said...

You may find that the real pain kicks in 48 hours after your first session (deep tissue massage can save you days of walking like a man with no knees).

Stick with it - after a couple of months you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Valentine Suicide said...

I'm resisting. I looked through the window once, it looked like a big hamster cage with a lot of miserable looking people on wheels, going nowhere. If get on a bike it had better go somewhere.

"It'll add years to your life" a friend said to me. Yeah maybe. But I don't want live those years in a gym.

Right I'm off to walk the dogs..

Bright Ambassador said...

What put me off last week was the fact that a colleague said she had to go round wiping other people's sweat off the equipment.

I'll stick to the bike.