Thursday, August 30, 2007


By the bypass, I've added Stevie Wonder, Booker T & The MGs, Syd Barrett (Octopus), Julian Cope (Sunspots) and Curved Air (Back Street Luv) to the list, so it's all shaping up very nicely now. I'm quite excited about it.

On another note, I'm wondering if I should reveal my true identity on here. Some of you know me, indeed we're dear friends, but some of you don't. Then again, some of you probably don't want to know or even care who I am. After all, it's not like I'm a famous person or anything.

I've been thinking about this since the debate about blogging over at Andrew Collins' place. Andrew was talking about how he only knew three of the bloggers on his blogroll (thanks for the add - the traffic's well up), and the others he had no idea about. Well actually Andrew, we've had lunch. My secret identity is obviously more watertight than I thought.

So here's the rub: I like my anonymity but I don't like hiding behind my silly name. Some bloggers use their real names - why shouldn't I? I think the main reason is my job makes it tricky. If I want to be scurrilous about someone (in the public eye or a colleague), it's not entirely professional or appropriate and could make for some sticky situations.

Most importantly though, Mrs F-C has no idea. This is like a secret diary. I did tell her once but she was drunk and didn't remember it. Friends who know about the blog and know that she doesn't know find it awkward. But it wouldn't be the end of the world if she did know - I just think I might feel a bit silly.

I may be doomed to be anon forever.


TimT said...

You seem to have talked yourself into remaining anonymous, and that sounds about right, for the reasons you give. It's all too easy to envisage an incautious comment causing problems at work, and we all know how these things can escalate out of all proportion.

As far as I can tell, the people who use their real names tend to be those whose blogging is an extension of a persona that's already in the public domain, through journalism and so on - eg Andrew Collins and David Hepworth on your blog roll.

Oh, and thanks for the tip-off re Mrs F-C. I'll try to remember not to mention the blog in her presence...

Anonymous said...

Personally, it might be cool to know your real name (just like the Andrew Collins) but, if you think its going to cause problems, then don't do it. Anonymity gives you a greater license to say what you like, a quality that might decrease if you revealed yourself.

Valentine Suicide said...

I'd be inclined to stay anon if there's any doubt.

I'm not too fussed about people knowing who I am but I'm legally obliged not to discuss work, so I don't. Because of this I also tend to stay away from any controversial comment and ranty sweary posts, but my blog is light-hearted crap and only written because I felt that as I was reading and commenting, (which I enjoy), I should write a bit..

I put photo's up recently, mostly because I wanted the people I had regular contact with to have some idea of who they were talking to..and I think a couple of the regulars know my first name, but I think that's true of you also...

Gwen said...

I use my first name but not my second but wouldn't put my photo on the blog. I heard of someone who did a similar job to me and was fired when her employer found out she was blogging. Although to be fair she was badmouthing people she worked with which I have not done. Nevertheless, I think that there is nothing wrong with staying anonymous. It adds a nice air of mystery as well.

office pest said...

Well it's up to you of course, but once it's out it's out, can't go back.
Best way to keep a secret? Don't TELL anyone. Obvious but true.
Anyway I suspect you find it more stimulating to keep it a secret. Like a second ebay identity, used to buy those 'other' items, whatever they may be..
Stop me if I'm wrong.

[Oh yes, and what about Roll Away the Stone or All the Young Dudes by the Hoople for your playlist].

And Needlers 'sandwich' chocolate (milk/dark/milk or d/m/d) or their 'Merry Maid' chocolate caramels for your old sweets list.
Sorry, lots off topic here, doing a bit of catching up.

FeedbackReport said...

I say stay anonymous - that way you can avoid people making personal swipes of any sort. Let 'em get angry at the blog content instead... speaking of which, I will soon be posting about the various huge floods of complaints my efforts have generated over the years.

I know who you are anyway - you're that clown off the start of Camberwick Green!

Five-Centres said...

So we're all agreed, I'm keeping quiet. I may however post a picture of me taken last later, but I've yet to see it and if it's grim, I remain completely under wraps.

Oh alright, I am from Camberwick Green.

Who is this clown?

Liking your Mott The Hoople suggestions OP.

Ishouldbeworking said...

Was there a clown on Camberwick Green?? I remember the firemen and Windy Miller, but I'm sure there was no clown ( I'd remember because it would have terrified me and I'd have stopped watching. I still have nightmares about Charlie Caroli).

I say keep the mystique. I can't use my real name because of my job either. My friends know I have a blog, but I won't tell any of them what it's called. My Lemon knows what it's called, but never looks at it as he hears enough from me in the course of a normal week. Suits me fine.

As long as nobody thinks you're Rod Liddle, I'd stick with the alias.

TV Cream's Anatomy of Cinema said...

I'm afraid the truth's already out. Today's Guardian had an article on That Winehouse Woman and her husband Blake Fielder-Civil, abbreviated throughout as 'Mr F-C'. The jig's up!

I'm boycotting this blog until you start going to the gym.

Five-Centres said...

Gah! Now everyone knows what trouble I'm having with Mrs. F-C.

So not to wait now then, AOC. I'll wager you'll be back in record time.

office pest said...

That's nice of you F-C.
Depending on what kind of awards it has been you could have Sound and Vision by DB. If it's words though that might not work too well. Do you like Kate Bush? A lot of it's a bit twee, but I do like Running Up That Hill. Following that thought through to Peter Gabriel you could have Solsbury Hill.
I guess you've got plenty now.

Five-Centres said...

I think I'm doing okay now, and I don't want to over-analyze it or it'll start to fall apart!

But thanks for your suggestions, everyone.

Clair said...

Keep the anonymity. There are things I am currently dying to spill, but for the sake of personal relations, will have to keep until we have a drink.