Friday, September 28, 2007


When I was stuck on a coach for three-and-a-half hours yesterday thanks to an accident on the Westway. I was on my way to the launch of Virgin 1 at Richard Branson's house in Kidlington, Oxon. While going mad in the slow-moving traffic, having read Shortlist from cover to cover (thank God for it), I noticed some interesting graffitti.

Someone had scrawled the name of the band Scarlet Fantastic. Not unusual in itself, but this must have been done almost 20 years ago. and it's still there!

Do you remember their song No Memory? A minor Top 20 hit for this electro pop band with the woman with operatic vocals. It should have been a huge hit, but it wasn't. I bought it. Am I right in thinking 1987? There are often graffitti campaigns for bands in London, and I do remember seeing this one on more than one occasion back when I lived near the Westway in the late Eighties.

But to see it still there made me smile. I bet 99% of people passing by wonder what on earth that means. Shame they never made it.

As the launch was a damp squib, an utter disaster and a bore, seeing that was the highlight of my day.


chris said...

You're right, it was the autumn of 1987 and the woman's name was Maggie DeMonde. I forget the bloke's name. I think it got to about number 20.

And I remember the name of the follow-up, it was called Plug Me In (To The Central Love Line). Not surprisingly it wasn't a hit.

A Kitten in a Brandy Glass said...

"And we just don't give a DAMN, cos we are FREE!" I remember them well. They had that Transvision Vamp thing of trying to pass off becorseted and stroppy flouncing as some form of yoof rebellion, when they actually looked like people who hung around in wine bars complaining about the Chablis.

Five-Centres said...

Look! We all remember it. I do remember the follow up, but I don't think I've ever heard it. Great title though.

Weekly & Weakly said...

I remember it well, I listened to it last week on my vinyl version of 'Hits 7'!!!! Maggie had quite a lot of hair as far as I remember

office pest said...

Just looked it up on YouTube. It sounds something like David Bowie & Siouxsie Sioux doing impressions of themselves and Marc Bolan at a Karaoke evening.
Looks like Kate Bush crossed with Lennox. Most Strange.
Do you think they live nearby and refresh the slogan themselves, from time to time?
Or is it you...

Five-Centres said...

Ha! Well, could it be me keeping the (no) memory alive?

Must check it out on You Tube though, I'd not thought of looking there.