Friday, November 09, 2007

Don't call us...

There is apparently 'feverish' anticpation at the launch of the iphone.

But not from me.

I liked the idea initially, being an ipod fan, but I soon realised I've got an ipod and I've got a phone and never the twain shall meet. I don't need a camera or video, as I'm not planning on happy slapping anyone anytime soon, and I'm not the sort to hover ghoulishly at accident scenes.

Neither do I ever envisage myself watching TV on a two-inch screen or surfing the internet on the bus. I've other things to do.

Besides, I took a look at these phones in the Apple store in New York and I found them to be clunky.

So you can keep your £600 telephone, cos I ain't buying.


Phil Norman said...

With you there, F-C. If it ain't got a big bakelite rocker for you to uselessly flick up and down while shouting 'Operator?' in tones of mounting frustration, it ain't a telephone.

Five-Centres said...

You've got it in one, Phil.

Valentine Suicide said...

You're also tied to O2, unless you want to hack it and risk turning it into a brick. I've got a camera and music playing capability on my phone and never use 'em.

People WILL buy anything with an Apple logo on it though. Wait! Bright idea! I could get rid of the dog poo in my garden by branding it and selling it! iTurd anyone?

Planet Mondo said...

All these bundled gadgets are great in theory until they get nicked/lost/broken.

Then you've lost the lot - Fantastico!

In six weeks time once it's been properly test driven and found to be packed with as much agg' as advantages. It'll be redesigned and relaunched with twice the storage and half the size.

And even then I still won't want one. Pah!!!

Clair said...

the only exotic thing I've used on my phone was using the internet to catch up on blogs when I was on holiday. That's it. Unless we start a craze for middle-aged happy slapping, where we go round beating each other up at dinner parties or in Ikea.

Gwen said...

I've still got a basic phone which only makes and takes calls. That is all I'm interested in having despite all the people who tell me that I need one with a camera and no doubt one which will make the dinner as well. Well I don't so there.

SuzyPepper said...

I think they're a thing of design beauty and I want one. Desperately. Phil?