Monday, November 12, 2007

The worst film ever made?

Back in the summer, I saw a picture in the paper of a forthcoming British film called Flood. The picture showed central London underwater and it looked amazing. I love a good disaster movie so I was quite looking forward to this. However the August release date came and went and I forgot all about it.

So when I saw Flood on DVD in HMV on Saturday, alarm bells rang. Straight to DVD films are usually bad - and this is no exception. That said, I had to buy it.

Sadly, even a stellar cast like Tom Courntenay, Robert Carlyle and others, cannot save this tripe. The special effects aren't actually that bad (though they're not that good either), but it's the script that's the real stinker. Surely they all stood around trying not to crack up laughing, it was shockingly bad.

The direction's appalling and the music is overly-dramatic. And really, there's not much story.

Robert Carlyle is a hot shot engineer, estranged from his father who's also a hot shot engineer and there's an American ex-wife who's he's not seen for ages who's also a hot shot engineer on the Thames Barrier and then a flood hits London - and you can guess the rest. The standout bad performance comes from Joanne Whalley, who to my mind has done nothing of note since Scandal. She's never been worse than in this though. Tom Courtenay - well, I can only imagine he was paid a lot to do this, because he's just dire.

Total toss.

So if you want a laugh, go for it. Serious Day After Tomorrow-type drama and SFX - forget it.

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Planet Mondo said...

I haven't seen Flood (or heard of it) but will give this one the swerve now. Thanks for the tip off.