Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ma'am, as in ham

I wasn't going to watch that programme about the Queen - you know 'the one they didn't want you to see' - but after five minutes I was hooked. I'm not a great fan, but it doesn't mean I don't find Royal life behind closed doors fascinating, and because of that the mystique remains.

What I got from this though, is who'd be the Queen? All that money and you've got the world's most boring job. One dull function after another, dragging round exhibitions you have no interest in and endless small talk over fussy dinners with jet lag to boot half the time. I don't envy royalty. All those unwanted bouquets, all that standing up, all those maniacs who want to meet you. Still, she's not bad for her age, though she and her husband are looking old now.

I enjoyed seeing behind the scenes at places like the White House and the British Embassy, stuff we rarely, if ever, get to see. That meeting with Tony Blair was cringe-making too. So I'll be tuning in for the duration.

I watched Boy A afterwards. I've read the book of this which was far pacier. I didn't think it was great, but I quite liked the Martin Parr-esque direction.


Clair said...

I really believe that the Queen thinks the world smells of new paint. I've used her lav, you know...

And I didn't watch Kid A, though I considered it. I can't bear anything upsetting these days, just things I can tut and be judgemental with, like the All New House of Tiny Tearaways.

Bright Ambassador said...

I didn't want to watch it but relented and recorded it for enjoyment later. I think we're all fascinated if we're honest.

Matthew Rudd said...

The recent documentary on the Queen's wedding on Channel 4 was excellent. What struck me most was just how incredibly - and irritatingly - handsome Philip was when he was in his 20s.