Thursday, January 03, 2008

It's all in the past

Doesn't Christmas seem like a long time ago now? Today is my first day back at work and, to be honest, I'm really glad it's a Thursday. You forget it all over the break, and when you return it hits you like a bucket of shit at 100mph. I'd rather be at home on the sofa watching a crap film, cup of tea by my side, cat on my lap. But hey, life must carry on.

So how was your festive season? I have to say, I really enjoyed it this year. It was just Mrs F-C (or should that be Mrs Fog) and I this year, so we had the neighbours in on Christmas Eve for what was supposed to be a quick drink but ended up being about five hours. You think you know someone - who knew they'd run a boutique in Carnaby Street then lost everything in a Tenerife property fiasco? Still, after five hours it was all I could do to stop myself plumping up cushions and putting my pyjamas on. Some people never get the hint.

Christmas day involved a couple of friends, many candles, Maddy Prior's Carols and Capers and way, way too much food and drink. The telly was rubbish, though I thought EastEnders was good and Doctor Who was okay, even second time around. We switched To The Manor Born off after 10 minutes, it was too awful.

Boxing Day saw various relatives and friends drop in/stay over, and by this time were all a bit jaded, what with my liver being the size of Coventry Cathedral. Still managed to pack more in though.

Fast forward to last Saturday when we packed the car and set off for the Dorset coast with some friends and their (mercifully well-behaved) children. More food, more drink, walks up the front at Lyme Regis, Chesil Beach, West Bay, Bridport and more second hand bookshops than you can shake a stick at. A corned beef salad I had was straight out of the 50s. I've not seen anything like in in years. It's lovely, but I wouldn't want to live there. No sir.

Best present: Ipod Touch (rubbish capacity though).
Worst present: After shave. I don't wear it. Ever.
Best food: Delicous organic roast rib of beef on Xmas day.
Worst food: Anything with raisins in.

So now it's all over, and because I'm looking a cross between Ted Heath and Christopher Biggins, the diet starts here.

Just let's finish off those marzipan fruits first.


Bright Ambassador said...

I know a bloke who actually does come downstairs in his dressing gown when he's had enough.

I'd love to live near Chesil Beach. But then, I live in Newark which makes downtown Baghdad seem like an attractive proposition.

Clair said...

I had someone turn up on my doorstep during the holiday who went on about their personal problems for SEVEN HOURS. At 1am I had to get my bargepole out.

The Disco Students said...

Bridport is brilliant. One of the foodie hotspots - why on earth did you go for a corned beef salad when there is a huge choice of superb local produce?