Thursday, January 17, 2008

"Junior Mastermind gives me hope"

Doesn't January drag on? Still, I like a bit of London in the rain, there's nothing quite like it.

Anyway, here are some things cheering me up at the moment:

1. All that pop stuff on BBC4. It's common knowledge that Beeb4 is the best channel on TV. There's not much on there that doesn't appeal to me as it is, so when it's something like old editions of Top Of The Pops in their entirity, Pop Brittainia (though no mention of Dave Dee, Marmalade, Dusty or The Move in the 60s one - boo!), Paul Morley's rather too earnest Pop What Is Good For? doc, etc, then I'm glued.

2. Thinking about holidays

3. Sorting things out at work - hopefully

4. New horizons, of which there is not just one, but many.

5. Downloading record sleeves to my ipod. It's like thumbing through your singles, if you'd been bought up in Holland or Denmark.

And here's some stuff bringing me down, man:

1. Youth. They can't speak, read, eat or behave properly. They can only knife, booze, murder and make lives a misery. Why can't all children be like the ones on Junior Mastermind?

2. Still having this bloody cough. It arrived on December 21st and it's not going anywhere.

3. The cat still pissing on the furniture. Anyone got any tips? Let me tell you this first though: nothing but nothing puts her off.

4. Fly-tippers. Could you just fuck off - and take your fridges, wardrobes, bags of gravel, ironing boards, microwaves etc, with you.

5. No records shops in Camden. But HMV just had a bumper Christmas, I hear. So is the record shop dead or not?


office pest said...

F-C, re. your p'ing cat, the internet is full of advice. In the modern way, a good deal of it "blames the parents" for over/under indulgence of the cat!

However, this may be the answer:

They also do cats, apparently.

These solutions may also be appropriate to your point 1.

I bought all my CDs and DVDs from HMV on line this Christmas. Fair prices, post free and no record shop 'manners' hassles.
Our HMV stocks less than what you can get from HMV on line anyway, so what do they expect to happen with their shops..?

Why is Paul Morley so glum about everything? Is it because he is desperate to be taken seriously do you think, and suspects that people are still talking about Propaganda behind his back?
Anyway, he should certainly grow some 'media hair'.

Bright Ambassador said...

I was a bit miffed that one hour of Pop Britannia managed to see off the whole of the 60s and a big chunk of the 70s. Surely those two decades deserved at least an hour each?

HMV seem to sell more video games and DVDs these days though, perhaps they accounted for a large part of their bumper Christmas? Especially as these days there never seems to be the 'big' albums that everyone has on their Christmas list, e.g. Sade, Dire Straits or Now compilations.

Planet Mondo said...

I missed all of Pop Brittainia and most of Comics Brittainia, I'm going to have investigate this watch again business. For me the perfect beeb digital channel would be nothing but 'vintage' repeats, whole runs of Old Grey Whistle Test, TOTP, Play For Todays, and documentaries or a week of shows from 1 year to frame them in context. Part of Skys early 90's boom was due to UK Gold. The BBC could do the same with digital.

Matthew Rudd said...

On the cat front, get her neutered if you haven't already. A pissing cat is leaving a scent for a member of the opposite sex to follow.

If you have had neutered already, there's no harm in visiting the vet to rule out kidney/bladder issues.

Five-Centres said...

We've done all that Matt. Basically OP is right, she's been spoilt and it's another way of getting attention. We have to cover everything in plastic.

But we do love her.

TimT said...

I was wondering when you'd get round to mentioning the Pop Britannia show on the 60s. All very entertaining, but it was as much about rock as pop, I thought. If it was really about pop, they might have mentioned that in the Summer of Love, the charts were full of songs by Englebert Humperdinck, Petula Clark and the Bee Gees.

No doubt this week's edition will try to pretend that the whole nation was listening to nothing but punk in 1976, when number ones from that year actually included Abba, Demis Roussos, Chicago and - dear lord - Pussycat.

I'd have expected better from the esteemed BBC4.

Five-Centres said...

I agree TT. But that doesn't fit with the whole Swinging Sixties thing, so doesn't get a mention. It's very annoying.

Matthew Rudd said...

Give your furniture a damn good scrub until the scent goes - cats are creatures who go by habit. if she can't smell where she's been, she might go back to the litter try.

Pet psychology isn't my strong point necessarily...