Thursday, February 21, 2008

McCartney - arentchasickofimmm?!?!?!

We watched the beginning and the end of the Brits last night. It's rubbish isn't it? I'd hardly heard any of the songs, didn't know who anyone was and those I did know made me cringe with embarrassment. Clearly, I'm too old for it. I preferred it when it was the BPI Awards.

I assume the Arctic Monkeys were being ironic in that country squire get up. It's still the case that young bands go up on stage and say sily things/behave badly. Nothing's changed, ever. They still think it's anti-establishment and cool. Newsflash! It's not.

Things have come to a pretty pass when Take That win everything. I'll admit, I thought Patience was great, a true classic, but let's not get carried away. All the other winners seemed to be stage school brats. Still, nice to see the Winehouse on her feet.

What really struck me though, apart from the car-crash Osbournes who were as poor as predicted, the yawn-a-minute Kylie stuff and the screaming moshpit, was how crap Paul McCartney is now.

I can't think of a single TV performance in the last 15 years when I've actually thought he's been any good. Perhaps I'm being picky as I like artists to sound like they do on the songs - there's no room for vamping with me - but he can't reach any of the notes, he practically loses his voice towards the end, and he ALWAYS does the same songs: Dance Tonight (no one wants to hear the new stuff), Live And Let Die (great, but whither Helen Wheels or Maybe I'm Amazed?), and the world's most boring song, Hey Jude. Come on Paul, surely there are other things from your vast repertoire you fancy wheeling out?

Enough Paul, already.


Clair said...

I agree re Macca - plenty of good material still there, but he wheels out Hey Bloody Jude all the time. When I saw him at the Electric Ballroom, my highight was C-Moon. Terrific.

And Kate Nash? Right over my head.

A Kitten in a Brandy Glass said...

The Brits seem designed to annoy as many people as possible, since the old folk think all the recent artists are rubbish (save me from more teenage girl bedroom whinings à la Kate Nash!) and the yoof of today wonder why they include so many pointless old crumblies who like totally aren't relevant any more, man.

I was amused that Radio 2 mentioned there being lots of "thumbs aloft action" from Macca, though.

Planet Mondo said...

It was awful and not even funny - I came in halfway through..

Jack and kelly Osborne looked like Wurzel Gummidge and Aunt Sally,

Take That are The Grumbleweeds meet The Monkees

Alan Carr is Cyril Fletcher for the space age.

And Macca was like Miss Marple doing Tessie O Shea.

Lifetime Achievement Award and what does he do? One nobody knows, one for his ex wife, and one nobody likes.

Shame as he can really turn it on sometimes, as Glastonbury and a Russian gig that crops up on ITV 4 sometimes show

Red Squirrel said...

Ha ha! Love Mondo's Macca description. It's so true – he's aged VERY strangely, hasn't he? It's like there's some strange hormonal thing going on...

Five-Centres said...

He looks like Angela Lansbury. It's uncanny.

demoness said...

I love C-Moon! Give him a break though, not everyone are Beatles obsessives, funnily enough and Hey Jude was always the singalong crowd pleaser. He has lost his voice a bit though. I saw him live at Sheffield five years ago, he played for three hours straight and I was truly awestruck.

office pest said...

With you all the way on this one F-C. Ther Brits are now an empty vessel, merely there to spin ther lightweight showbiz media circle, whirring away there - on a channel near you right about now.

And it's strange about McCartney. It's almost as if, having been in/of the Beatles and then having had a reasonable solo career he is almost afraid to tackle his own material; the better material I mean.
Too often now he comes over like a superficial McCartney tribute band that's just doing it for the booking, rather than to really get into it and celebrate the better half of the man's stuff.

I like him a lot, but I just wish he'd look back to his twenties self and then be bothered to do himself justice. He's letting himself down.
Planet Mondo is right; similar to Bowie on a good (Glastonbury as it happens) day, he can deliver mightily when bothered.

But who's there to tell him to pull his finger out these days? I think he needs a good dose of Jeff Lynne as live producer to sort him out.

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Roman Empress said...

The new years Jules Holland appearance with Kylie was unspeakably bad. He could choose to duet with anyone on the planet. He's lost the plot. She should disappear completely and utterly from TV too.
Flaming Pie though('97), Souvenir? The World Tonight? Like. I share a birthday with Macca too.