Monday, March 03, 2008

Introducing Mrs F-C (to this blog)

I've done it! I've finally come clean to Mrs F-C about this blog. And rather than rubbishing it or laughing at me, she was fine about it. But what she'll make of it, I don't know. She has no interest in the music of 1971 or Les Bicyclettes De Belsize. Still, it's great to unburden oneself. She was most impressed that it had been picked out by the Guardian Guide (as was I).

So, hello Mrs F-C. Now people who know about this but couldn't mention it to you, can.

Actually, she won't be reading this because she's in San Francisco at the moment, but when she's back, there will be plenty of Mrs F-C-friendly fare here, as well as the usual bollocks.

Manchester was great, I won money at a casino, which oddly was full to the brim of Chinese people, and the Lowry Hotel was lovely but you wouldn't stay there for the views.

Owen Hargreaves was signing some legal documents at an adjoining table in the bar, but I wouldn't know him from Adam. I just thought it was some media wanker in expensive clothes.

Harry's back, and so am I. Now I just need something to blog about.


Roman Empress said...

When I stayed at the Lowry there was no milk in the room but Arsene Wenger was in the sauna. So mixed opinion then on said place.
Great Mrs F-C is on board. Wouldn't like to have to avoid her for the next 2 years.

Clair said...

Hmm. The last time I unburdened myself I ended up in a flat in Stroud Green in an embarrassing sexual situation with a trumpet-player. Hope this doesn't happen to you..

A Kitten in a Brandy Glass said...

Well done on your honesty! I'm sure the resulting upswing in your personal karma will create a rash of inspiration for new posts.

If not, you could always write about 60s folk music again...

Graham Kibble-White said...

Hold on. Isn't Mrs F-C now going to realise that we - all of us! - were complicit in your web of lies? That when I last saw her, I looked her in the eye knowing your dirty little secret and said nothing? And have done so for years?

Hasn't your unburdening simply tipped the rest of us into a whole world of trouble?

And isn't our only option to come on here and bleat about it publicly in the hope Mrs F-C will also be reading your comments and thus realise myself and others we strong-armed into lying - by you! - and thus should be spared her temper?

Er, congrats on the Guide reference by the way. Was that in the issue just gone?

Five-Centres said...

It's okay, she knows you know. She finds it quite amusing.

Roman Empress said...
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Roman Empress said...

Luckily I haven't seen the marvellous Mrs FC for over a year otherwise yup it would be tantamount to us all having the keys to a claridges hotel room and having mad,unpleasant sex but not inviting her.
Mr Norman is just as shady as you though. You're both a couple of bastards! Only joking of course.

LF Barfe said...

I remember the moment when my wife commented on something I'd said in my blog. I knew she knew I kept one, but didn't ever think she'd read it, being the sort of person who comes into my office at night and says "Tell the Internet to go to bed".

Bright Ambassador said...

I think I'd rather punch myself repeatedly in the face than tell the current Mrs BA.
I can hear it now:"Why didn't you like PS I Love You?", "Why do you waste money on Stanley Holloway records?" and "I knew you liked Rush, but not THAT much".

Ishouldbeworking said...

Confession - so good for the soul, F-C.

I told my hubby from the off that I'd started a blog, but asked him to refrain from reading it; this he has very touchingly and honourably agreed to do. In fact he took so little persuading that he obviously thinks I'm a dullard with flap-all to say.

Inchy said...

The Demon doesn't get my blog. She doesn't get many things that I find amusing or entertaining, things like youtube or setting fire to things, but she does clam to read it now and again "just to find out what's happening in my life."

She could just ask, but that wouldn't involve me searching google images for a suitable 'humourous' photo to go along with my answer.