Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Calm down, dear

Is it really necessary to be hysterical?

What is it with people who feel they've got to go off on one if things aren't going their way? There's a lot of it about, and it never fails to annoy me. Sometimes, I think it's a real 'notice me' thing, usually ending in tears (theirs), which means you have to then bring them down and comfort them, therefore they get attention. This isn't the way a rational mind works.

Just talking, it seems, is not enough. They think they can only get their point across if it's done in this dramatic, theatrical way. It's certainly unacceptable behaviour in the workplace.

It's actaully quite tiresome and I've had enough of it.

That's better.


Roman Empress said...

Is this before or after you told Mrs F-C, F-C?

Inchy said...

Someone needs a hug.

Five-Centres said...

Nothing to do with Mrs F-C.

I don't need a hug, I need a machine gun.

Clair said...

...and relax. Have you tried the 'I'm prepared to talk about this once you've calmed down?' bit? I don't think that's unfair to the other party, as nobody should be having a workplace discussion in a state like that, unless someone's bereaved or ill.

(said the most lachrymose woman on the planet)

office pest said...

Spot prizes for the good, and spot disciplinaries for the bad are the way forward F-C.
No-one should know what's coming next. It's the Stalin technique.

Inchy said...

Can't do you a machine gun, but I can do you a Black Widow catapult. It probably wont kill anyone, but you can be assured of a really nasty bruise.

Roman Empress said...

Commiserations, is said person a woman perchance? I was surrounded by the blinkin' creatures in my last job and I er, aherm, quit.