Friday, April 25, 2008

And relax...

As it's Friday, here's three mellow tunes circa 1970 to help you relax.

Note use of countryside in first two, and women in long flowing dresses in all three. And will you look at those pants in the Marmalade one!

I'm afraid I don't know how to do those YouTube embed things, so click the links.

Smile A Little Smile For Me/Flying Machine


Both Sides Now/Judy Collins, as danced by Pan's People

**Lovely pic of Mrs F-C and I relaxing at home


Bright Ambassador said...

I'm like totally digging 'The' Marmalade. And I want to marry that woman with the boots and floaty scarves.The drummer has serious shirt problems though.
When you look at stuff like that, it makes you wonder why Queen are always credited with makeing the first music promo video. Oh, I forgot, it's because they're bloody Queen, isn't it?

Clair said...

Weren't Marmalade originally called the Gaylords or something? I think they're great - Baby Make It Soon and I Feel The Rain, yay.

Ishouldbeworking said...

Was that Pan's People number from their Amish period? They look awfully virginal.

Planet Mondo said...

Great vids and right smart outfits - I can see grandad shirts making a comeback soon - and why did people only ever have that lumpy bumpy wavy hair then, when did it stop happening. There's a version of 'Both Sides' by Frank Sinatra on his 'Cycles'album

embedding is dead easy - in youtube look to the right of the vid' clip there's a line (in the grey box with the embedded code in it) just cut and paste it into your blog - that's it

Bright Ambassador said...

But you have to flick the box over to 'Edit HTML' first.