Thursday, April 24, 2008

Like a bulldog chewing a wasp - then throwing it up

On BBC Breakfast this morning, I saw Russell Brand and his interviewer laughing heartily at John Prescott's bulimia.

Is someone having bulimia funny? Would we laugh at a woman who suffered from this illness? Or is it okay because it's big fat John Prescott, a man few have much time for, so therefore he deserves it, the porky old git?

I'm bulimic. I just keep forgetting to throw up.

In all seriousness, it's not very fair. He's obviously got issues. But I can't help wondering why he's not whippet thin like most bulimics.

It's documented on these pages how much I dislike Russell Brand. Talk about the emperor's new clothes. The backlash is surely just around the corner. I saw a trailer for a film he's in where he's basically playing himself. Arse. Get a haircut.

In other news, Sky One are - in their own words - reimagining Blake's 7. I never watched this show. I was no fan of cardboard sci-fi and lots of stagey shouting. I'm still not.


Bright Ambassador said...

Hmm, I've found this laughing-up-your-sleeve at Prescott's bulimia slightly disturbing as well.
Personally, I miss the old boy; politics was much more interesting when he was around.
I think Prescott should have got a medal for twatting that bloke in the 2001 election, he deserved everything he got for sporting a mullet in the 21st century.

Roman Empress said...

I despise RB. Why would anyone want that catatonic noise in the comfort of their living room?
Also, I must be the only person in the country who quite likes JP. I also failed my 11+, and so I identify with him (a bit).

Planet Mondo said...

They should put them in a ring and let them have a sort out.That would be a spectator sport worth watching

Prescott doing a Big Daddy bellyflop to the Dot Cotton of comedy.

Ishouldbeworking said...

The repeated binge-vomit-starve cycle of bulimia does awful things to your body's metabolism and insulin regulation, and because of this a surprising proportion of bulimics are not actually very thin (which just drives the behaviour on even more).

It's a really complex condition, and is very bound up in self-disgust, over and above any 'simple' preoccupation with body size.

I feel very sorry for John Prescott and anyone else who suffers from it. Perhaps a tad predictably, given my line of work, I have found a lot of the sniggery coverage of his disclosure shallow, snide and unhelpful. So there.

Inchy said...

I must admit that I had wondered about Prescott's size vs his condition, but I'll happily take Two Jag's side against 'comedian' Russel Brand. He almost makes Lily Allen look talented. Almost.

Apparently many bulimics suffer accelerated tooth decay as the stomach acid in the vomit attacks the teeth. Just remember that the morning after the night before.

Matthew Rudd said...

As a Hull chap, I have not a great amount of time for Prescott - I think he has been very poacher-turned-gamekeeper since 1997, but he has been very faithful to the city since 1970.

However, at least he seems to be human and fallible, and I've always despised the branches of the press who have laughed at his grammatical inaccuracies or, worse still, his accent.

Private Eye has much to make it admirable, but their habit of 'phonetically' spelling northerners' speech, and Prescott was their main target, is inexcusable snobbery. As far as I'm concerned it's those soft southern hap'porths* who talk funny.

Anyway, Prescott's not a northerner - he's Welsh.

* I know there's an apostrophe in that word, but can't recall exactly where it goes.