Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Friel-ing ungroovy

It's not been too hard getting back into the swing of things. I'm tired though. We've been off to bed at 10 then don't stir until the cat gets her baseball bat out around 6.30 and bludgeons us until one of us cracks and gets up to feed her.

But here I am at my desk, decanter half full, lots of shouty phone calls to make, but feeling quite calm, more so than for a long time.

Anyhoo, in other news, I've caught up with Pushing Daisies, which as far as I can tell is technicolour hogwash with an irritating voiceover and quirky for the sake of it (of which there's way too much coming out of the US).

I was wondering - does anyone actually like Anna Friel? Apart from Brookie, in which she was great, I can't think of a single thing where she's been any good. She's far too associated with the Kate Moss crowd to be any kind of normal person, and as for those make-up adverts where she suddenly and inexplicably has a posh voice - well who DOES she think she is?? She's lost all touch with reality. I hear she keeps the American accent on all day while filming. Admirable, but she's no Daniel Day-Lewis.

It's good that she's successful in the US, as no one there will know how annoying she is. But do we have to suffer her too? And on a prime time Saturday night? Interestingly, early indications show this week's TV listings mags which featured her on the cover have taken a nosedive. And ITV have taken the insane decision to completely cut episode two of Pushing Daisies and go straight to three so it doesn't clash with football. Not that I'm sure there's much of a crossover audience there, and if you're a fan you'd be righlty cross. Me, I couldn't care less.

I don't much are for Dirty Sexy Money either. Brothers and Sisters was much better, but since it's been shoved on at 11pm on E4 I've forgotten all about it and missed the lot.

I'm sticking with Mad Men, which has seduced me totally. I'm watching trancelike. So many layers, it's marvellous.


office pest said...

The narration is by Jim Dale, star of stage, screen and Harry Potter audio books.
Quite why they wanted 'that' voice out of his large repertoire I don't know.

A Kitten in a Brandy Glass said...

I haven't actually watched Pushing Daisies but it looks dreadful. Never mind ITV missing out one episode: I predict them shoving the whole lot of it to a post-11 pm slot by about episode 4.

I too can't stand Anna Friel, and I'm not sure why, other than her blithe talentlessness. Maybe it's because I am jealous at how far you can get on wet and winsome girlieness. Or maybe it's because one of my exes fancied her.

Bright Ambassador said...

I didn't watch Pushing Daisies 'cos I thought it looked crap. Friel was good in that film where she got her minge out though. Was it called The Tribe? Very hairy.

I watched the first two of Dirty Sexy Money and I found it complete tosh. The background muzak liberally sprayed all over it was completely annoying along with a load of characters you couldn't give a toss about.

I'm a fan of Mad Men - although the last episode I saw was pretty poor, the one where Joan got a canary. Although Joan is the perfect woman - and Dexter which is like Seven only in the form of a TV series, it's main character is a muderer you actually like.
The thing about Mad Men is that you just know that Peggy is going to rise through the ranks and be a success despite the rampant sexism.

Five-Centres said...

I'm hoping so for Peggy, as it'll be interesting, if not a little obvious, to see her be the only woman doing so well in a man's world.

'The one where Joan got a canary'. LOL

Clair said...

I interviewed Ms Friel after she left Brooky. I thought she was dead cocky, and my opinion hasn't changed over the years.

Ishouldbeworking said...

That wouldn't have been the same interview where she memorably said something to the effect of 'There's an extremely naturalistic quality to my acting, which the British public finds very endearing', would it Clair?

What a silly cow.