Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Much ado about muffin

The first time I ever had an 'English' muffin was in America in 1982. We never ate them, and I'm sure you couldn't buy them at the supermarket. Now they're available even in our local garage shop. Same with blueberries. When did this happen? It seems everything American is available everywhere, but of course that's not really the case.

Having just returned from a very pleasant sojourn in the US, which seemed like months rather than days, I can confirm that while we might think we're being overrun by US culture, we remain vastly different. If anything, the gap between us is widening at an alarming rate.

What's that old adage about two countries being separated by a common language? It's true. It's getting harder and harder to make yourself understood. I speak, I think, clearly. But that's of no use. They look at you like you're speaking a foreign language half the time, and perhaps to them, we are.

Still, it makes it more interesting to go somewhere that is essentially so different. I needed the break and it was ideal. We did four days in Chicago, where the weather was hot one minute and freezing the next, then onto St Louis to stay with some dear friends who very kindly put us up for a the remainder of the holidays, despite having two kids and big jobs to contend with. I don't know how they do it, but they do.

I love their street - imagine Hallowe'en meets Desperate Housewives with a dash of The Wonder Years. It's just like that. Very American as you would wish it to be.

Back to the real world now though. Work is calm, which is a first for a return from holiday. So that can only be good.

So what have I missed in my absence?


Clair said...

Damn - you missed my marriage and me being made a Dame. Don't go away again.

Roman Empress said...

I've been perving over some inexplicable crushes, marvelling at how Neil Young is king of the fug-out and purchasing knee-high socks.
Nowt in other words.

office pest said...

Welcome back; what's happened, well, Naomi Campbell threw a strop and got arrested at Terminal 5 over (her own I presume) lost luggage. Brown's economic miracle finally imploded, however as he is the previous No.11 and present No. 10 incumbent he cannot blame the previous No. 11 incumbent as is traditional, so is now left looking as terrified, puzzled and watchful as a badger marooned in the middle of the M1; and we have had some snow and various types of hail and heavy rain showers. Dr Who has been as good as ever, so far. Chelsea and Arsenal have blown their Premiership winning chances. I think that's about it F-C.

Inchy said...

Erm . . . I've had to buy new batteries for my BigTrak.

FeedbackReport said...

Loads of Americans descended on Out On Blue Six bellowing "Gee Willikers, Sir, I see you watch TV's Dexter!".

There was also some argy-bargy about Catherine Tate.

Five-Centres said...

So I've not missed much then?