Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I don't want your rubbish

Amazon recommendations - don't you hate them?

I know they're computer generated, but they really should be a bit more selective.

To wit:

Amazon recommends: The Best of The Dooleys

(Because you bought The Best of the Darts).

Why does that follow? Just because they were both around in the 70s at the same time doesn't mean I would want to buy that. As it happens, I already own it, but it's not the point. It's like buying the best of Joni Mitchell and being recommended the greatest hits of Lyndsey De Paul. Well, they're both women, around at the same time, etc.

See, it's doesn't really work.

I never buy off their recommended list and lie that I own stuff in order to refresh it. I don't want to buy Jackie: The Album because I bought the Top Of The Pops book. What next? Another Slice Of Vintage Cheese? Guilty Pleasures even?? I don't do ironic when it comes to music. You know my feelings about that.

And just because I bought my niece a Barbie Island Princess - it sings, she loves it, her parents don't - I get endless Barbie recommendations. Showjumping Barbie, traffic warden Barbie, fish-filleting Barbie, etc. I only bought one thing, I do not want anymore.

Okay, I can see where they're coming from with some films and TV box sets, but really.

It's bad enough with John Lewis and their endless emails. I bought a wedding gift for someone and I've had at least three emails a day for past 18 months about one thing or another, and that's excluding myriad wine offer emails from Waitrose Direct. Grrrrr!

I must remember to tick the no box next time.


Chris Hughes said...

I'm sorry, grousing about being recommended The Best Of The Dooleys, when you already own it, on the principle of the matter, is the funniest thing I've read in a long time. I'd do a lol now, if I was the kind of person.

I own both Guilty Pleasures and Another Slice Of Vintage Cheese, btw. I hate the 'ooh, kitsch!' thing too, but the tracks are ace, and they come in wholesale in the 'Cheese' series.

Phil Norman said...

Perhaps the Amazon central computer owns the same compy of K-Tel's Midnight Hustle as I do, which as i recall jammed the Darts' It's Raining up against A Rose Has to Die.

Be thankful you weren't offered The best of Clout.

Five-Centres said...

I'll come clean and say I did buy the Vintage cheese one, only because there were some tracks on it I'd been after for ages.

Clout - Subsitute is the tops, obvioulsy, but all those other South Africa only Top Ten hits I can live without.

Clair said...

I agree about Vintage Cheese; it does fill a lot of gaps in the collection. But the second volume is absolutely ghastly.

I keep getting 'BUY A NEW COMPUTER, AND DO IT NOW!!' emails from Dell, from whom I bought a new computer not a fortnight ago. Grrr.

Bright Ambassador said...

So Clout is on Vintage Cheese? I downloaded it from iTunes last week only to discover that it isn't the original and it's the only version available. Bah!

Ishouldbeworking said...

Don't knock the Dooleys. The finest thing to come out of Ilford apart from the Nolans, and me.