Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What's new?

Still no normal service on here, and probably not for a while. So what's been going on?

1. I was thinking of an old flatmate who renounced material possessions. He only seemed to own two shirts and a guitar. He didn't even have a pillow. At first I thought it was so great that he should do such a thing. Then he proved himself to be a real oddball - you know, did his washing in the middle of night, became obsessed with Midnight Cowboy and seemed to resemble everyone on Crimewatch - that I thought only weirdos actually do this kind of thing anyway, and put it down to experience.

2. Jersey has a very dark heart, except for that of Mrs F-C of course. I wonder where this investigation is going? Gone is the family-friendly image. Will the island ever recover?

3. We're off on holiday on Friday for a week. Chicago for our anniversary then St Louis to stay with some friends. It's always St Lewis, never St Louie, as Americans just mock you. Though my dad refuses to believe this.

4. The redundancy thing is now over, but some of the fall out has been most unpleasant, far more than is strictly necessary. But I think it's all over now.

5. I can't get enough baroque pop.

6. We're out tonight setting up a friend on a blind date with a very old friend of mine. I'm not sure what it's going to be like. Will they hit it off. Both of them are super-picky with committement issues. Mrs F-C and I will just observe. I can't help feeling a bit nervous though. And not going to the Doctor Who launch, but I've been to the last three, so it doesn't much matter. I'd rather see a fantastic new relationship blossom.

7. Thoroughly enjoying The Apprentice, Mad Men and sometimes The Fixer.

8. I've got a new nephew. Called Vincent. Not sure about this name, but my brother's partner is Dutch, so think Van Gogh, rather than a bouncer.

9. Missing all my favourite blogs. Not sure I'll ever have time to blog as before ever again.

10. I really know who my friends are.

11. Men should not use the words 'fabulous' or 'divine', or the phrase 'to die for'.


office pest said...

Hmm, keep your chin up F-C. I've been on the giving and receiving end of the redundancy debacle and neither have much to recommend them, apart from the obvious of course. Relief that you still have a job is often mixed with a sense of guilt - if that's you, I'd say don't give in to it because it's not helping anyone - least of all yourself.

As for Jersey, I always got bad vibes from the children's home when it was featured on Bergerac. Such a cold, dark looking building, even in the sunshine; it's easy to post-rationalise but I think it's secrets were only ever just under the surface. More powerful than anything in an ITC Thriller episode. I doubt the innocence of the Island will return, mainly because of the shared secrets that have been kept there over the years. It must be awful for someone who was brought up there to find out about it now.

Anyhow, enjoy your trip overseas and avoid Terminal 5.

Roman Empress said...

It was April when I was in Chicago. Pack many layers and have a wonderful time!

Gill said...

Re. Point 10: “I really know who my friends are”

I expect those former colleagues of yours who now, thanks to you, find themselves unemployed feel the same way…

Little Johnny Jewel said...

ooh Gill that was a bit harsh.

Or came over as a bit harsh, which is just as bad.

As Office Pest says, chin up Mr F-C

Five-Centres said...

It's never personal, but people like Gill don't see it that way, which is the sad thing that makes it doubly hard.

Little Johnny Jewel said...

you certainly have my sympathy -- I've only had to let someone go once, and it nearly gave me an ulcer.

Five-Centres said...

Thanks Johnny, it really is the worst thing that can happen. The only consolation is that none of it was my decision.