Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Why Oh Why Oh Why are you playing Glasto?

What's Gilbert O'Sullivan playing Glasto for? Unless I've missed something, I don't recall him being embraced by the ironic student crowd, a la Tom Jones or Rolf Harris.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan. Some great singles like Nothing Rhymed and Alone Again (Naturally), he's a good tunesmith and has a way with a lyric too. But I think he's going to have to do a lot work before he's accepted by the Guilty Pleasures crowd.

I went to see him with some colleagues at ULU a few years ago. He looked awful and he was awful. One of our party stormed out, objecting to his 'a woman's place is in the home' call and response song (fair enough, but take a joke darling), and we were sitting amid the GO'S Barmy Army, so it wasn't a pleasant experience. Mobile hairdressers called Annette and women called who worked in the accounts department at Kay's catalogue with their lower-tier management husbands. It was grim. And he didn't do Ooh-Wakka-Doo-Wakka-Day.

He lives in Jersey, perhaps I'll run into him one time.

But going back to Glastonbury, is he a draw? I think not. Someone's having a laugh.


Roman Empress said...

I think he'd suit a corporate, faceless 2008 Glastos jolly well.

Planet Mondo said...

I'm not going to make a habit of this sort of thing - but as the subjects come up - I posted a reggae cover of Alone Again (Naturally), on PM on Monday. Well worth lending an ear too.

Jay Z and Gilbert O'Sullivan at Glasto, who's doing the booking? Someone with a blindfold and Guiness Book Of Hit Singles.

Five-Centres said...

It does rather look that way. And Shaky as well. It's all getting a bit sill.

I've give your cover version a go.

Inchy said...

Well if Glastonbury seems a bit poor this time round, maybe you should all get your passports out and head up here for T In The Park?

Ishouldbeworking said...

It's all getting a bit desperate, isn't it? Who's next - Neil Reid?