Thursday, May 15, 2008

Always loved this song

This, along with Lloyd Cole's Forest Fire, reminds me of starting university.

It's a great song, quite revolutionary at the time, what with it's mixing opera and pop. It's all over the place today, but back in 1984 this polarised people. But I loved it, and the album Fans, from which it comes, is also one of my favourites.

Saucy vid too.


Planet Mondo said...

I loved it, (and the Carmen tune).

But I think he's an undervalued genius anyway. He may not have invented punk but he delivered, dressed and politicized it (as well as bringing Vivienne Westwood and Jamie Reid into the blend) went onto break hip hop via one feature on The Tube, put world music on the map with 'Duck Rock'.

And gave career advice to pre fame Boy George and Adam Ant.

Roman Empress said...

Losing My Religion by REM very much reminds me of being dropped off in my Halls of Residence by my parents and my then 5 year old brother. I was heartbroken.

Matthew Rudd said...

"Because of my new single Madam Butterfly, Wham! and Nik Kershaw are going to have to try twice as hard."

It's on Now 4, probably the most square pegged song to appear in the round holes of those compilation albums.

I loved Something's Jumpin' In Your Shirt too.

Inchy said...

'The Sun Rising' by The Beloved always takes me straight back to a very important moment in my life.

'Nuff said.