Friday, May 16, 2008

Doctor Who?

I was out on a work-related do at "London's trendy Soho House" last night. For those unfamiliar with this particular watering hole it's the toppermost of the private members clubs, awash with media wankers, celebs, starfuckers, hangers-on and with a smattering of real people like me, once in a while.

You always spot someone famous when you go there, but last night was better than most. On the table to our left, a quite drunk, red wine-lipped David Tennant drinking with Virgin FM's Christian O'Connell and another guy I can't place but who's in everything including, we thought, the Christmas Extras.

We had a brief chat with David, whom I've met before through work, and he was very amusing about his forthcoming Hamlet. We didn't touch on Doctor Who, as I wondered if he might be pleased not to have to talk about it for once. He does look just like him though.

Anyhoo, to our right was a less exciting Jeremy Sheffield (ex-Holby City) and over his shoulder a dour-looking Sean Hughes.

So that was nice.

Not a terribly interesting post, but David Tennant fans might like to know what their idol gets up to in his spare time.


Clair said...

It's funny how you can get a little bit excited in situations like this, even after all this time, isn't it? We had a smashing time with Ben Miller at the Dangerous Parking screening at the Soho Hotel, and I was rather thrilled to meet Peter Howitt. And Dame Cheryl of Baker was there too. Lovely.

I wonder if people were over-awed at the sight of our pub quiz team on Monday night. I bet they were, especially when That Hard Jacket came out.

Roman Empress said...

Sean Hughes - in comedic terms the guy is a placebo - folk can swallow that and believe it's funny if they must.
A wasteland of gags.

A Kitten in a Brandy Glass said...

I notice you failed to grasp the chance to put a word in for ME and my general loveliness. No wonder my love life is in the sorry state that it is...

Five-Centres said...

I was thinking of you all the time, Kitten.

Chris Hughes said...

I saw James Nesbitt on my last (ie only) visit to Soho House. I don't like him, though, so I wasn't that excited. The burger was nice, though.

Inchy said...

Lou Reed once toured the factory I work in. He didn't know if it was New Year or New York. He spent the whole visit arguing with Master Ren, his Tai Chi instructor. Still cool though.