Monday, May 05, 2008

If you gotta go, go now

It's been a really tough decision. I've thought about it long and hard. But I can't put it off any longer and so I'm biting the bullet and doing it. Mrs F-C implored me not to, but the time has come.

I'm selling my beloved jukebox.

I always really wanted a jukebox. I used to love going to my grandma's pub on the outskirts of Southampton, where she'd give us coins and we'd put on Long Haired Lover From Liverpool or Devil's Answer or The Pushbike Song. The booming sound, echoing around the empty bar (we weren't allowed in when there were punters), the selection of great songs, the whirr of the records as they were ploned down on the turntable. There was nothing like it.

So about five years ago, after getting a nice bonus from work, I trawled eBay for a jukebox from the Seventies. I found the one in the picture. The groovy patterned panels, the fact that it took 80 singles - I could almost smell the stale beer from the Catford pub from whence it came. (Actually, I have no idea where it came from originally - I bought it off a bloke from East Grinstead).

When it arrived I was thrilled. My very own jukebox! What could be more exciting. As it turns out, a lot of things really.

I enjoyed making the labels, 'dinking' the records (that's cutting out a hole in the vinyl with a special implement, called a dinker) and hearing the booming sound blast around my kitchen. But after a while, novelty sort of wore off.

So much so that that I realise I've not actually played it for over a year. Lovely as it is, it's taking up space, so it's got to go. It's listed on eBay today.

Anyone make me an offer for a 1978 Rock-Ola 477 Max. I'll throw in the singles. There's some great stuff on it: Atomic Rooster, Steppenwolf, Fairport Convention, M, the Equals, the Stones, the Seekers, the Specials and loads loads more.

Buyer collects!


office pest said...

Niiice. Hope you get good money for it. I'd love to go for it myself but might well end up not playing it either and I have spent too much on Russian cameras recently anyway.
Whilst looking up your jukebox I spotted this one 150241617864 which shows 'mood' pictures as well! A change is as good as a rest F-C...

Chris Hughes said...

Bloody hell, look at your eBay feedback score!

Bright Ambassador said...

Yeah, the measurements on that dining table were a disgrace.

Planet Mondo said...

If you've got one those glass top pub tables with Galaxia built in I'd be very tempted.