Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Lazy post

For want of something to blog about, aside from it being a nice day, here's a lazy embed featuring White Plains doing When You Are King.

Love the accordion. This is from the London Line TV show, circa 1970.

And look, here's Engelbert doing Les Bicyclettes De Belsize. If you've never seen the short film with the same title, that is just about a man purusuing a pretty girl around the streets of Hampstead in the Sixties, then check it out. This verson of the song doesn't appear, but the music is throughout. Very summery.


Little Johnny Jewel said...

Amazon thanks you, since that sent me straight over to order the twofer DVD of Les Bicyclettes De Belsize and The London Nobody Knows.

My chronic dyslexia / aphasia / dopeyness keeps making me read that as Les Bicyclettes de Belize, which would be a very different filum.

Five-Centres said...

The London Nobody Knows is great - James Mason walking unbothered among long lost bits of London. It's so short, I could have watched hours more if they existed.

And on a day like today, I feel like getting on my bike and going to Hampstead.

Little Johnny Jewel said...

You're right about The London Nobody Knows - I saw it on the telly years ago and it really stayed with me. It's so deliciously melancholy.