Thursday, May 01, 2008

Just Wilde about this song

Another day, another song obsession.

At the moment it's this.

Strange, but hypnotic.

When I was growing up, Ricky Wilde was never out of Look-In, despite having not a single hit. I always thought he was in his twenties too, but by the sound of this cracker from 1972, he was but a child.

I think you can hear the song on this dodgily named site, as it's not on YouTube and still don't know how to embed MP3s.

Actually, you can't, but this one might be better.


Clair said...

He's bald now, you know.

Planet Mondo said...

FC - Perhaps it's the firewall here, but I can't access those links. Embedding audio is dead simple if you use Divshare, once you've uploaded a file Divshare automatically gives you all the hyperlinking and embedding info.

If you google "embedding audio video blogspot" the answers are out there.

I used to look just like Ricky Wilson at that age (but I'm not bald now though).

Five-Centres said...

More new technology to learn! I find this all very difficult, but I'm dying to be able to embed sound files, so I'm going to make it my mission.

florence said...

Kim's big brother of course. A feeble early attempt by rubbishly bequiffed rock and rolling dad Marty to establish a pop dynasty. Played keyboards on Kids In America and may well have written some of Kim's hits. but then I'm sure you knew that.

Now, whatever happened to Flintlock?