Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What time is your appointment? Tooth-hurty!

I had a wisdom tooth out yesterday afternoon. I had it done at the dental surgery. Beforehand, all I heard were other people's horror stories, and why wasn't I having this done in hospital, because they did and they were off for a week, and wasn't it a bit ambitious thinking I'd be back at work the next day, it was really painful, they were in a daze, woke up a day later with no knowledge, etc, etc.

So I was dreading it, but it was fine. It wasn't painful, just uncomfortable. The anaesthetic kicked in about two minutes - the last time I had any work done on my teeth you had to go and sit in the waiting room for 15 and browse through a slightly sticky copy of Conde Naste Traveller magazine while it worked its magic. Not now. It was two mintues then straight in there.

The crunching and cracking was hideous, like cartoon sound effects. But it took minutes. I was so surprised. No knees on chest with giant pliers. I didn't want to see the tooth afterwards, thank you. Once gone, soonest forgotten.

It hurts now. Just a dull ache. I woke up this morning dribbling blood, but nothing serious. I have a headache too. I was meant to be going out tonight, but I've called it off. I'm no fun today. I can't smoke for three days, can't drink for two, no spicy food. I can't talk for too long as it begins to ache.

What's the point in the living? Ah well, it'll be worth it in the end. That tooth gave me considerable gyp for some time, so I'm glad to see the back of it.

I might get a cheekbone now.


office pest said...

F-C: How much to have this tooth extracted?

Dentist: £200

F-C: £200 for just a few minutes work??

Dentist: I can extract it very slowly, if you like.

Five-Centres said...

Thanks for caring OP!