Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Got my Mojo workin'

Let's pop Emma Watson to one side for now and talk about last night's MOJO Honours List Awards. They were great.

I've never been to a proper music awards ceremony before. I don't think the inaugural National Music Awards 2001, starring Blue, Will Young and featuring the Cheeky Girls' stunning debut really counts. Another dumb ITV idea.

So last night it was like I'd died and gone to pop star heaven, only everyone was still alive. I've never been in such a small space surrounded by so many legends. I was rubbing shoulders with, among others, The Specials (Terry Hall very miserable as ever), Richard Hawley, Neil Diamond (left the moment the awards finished), John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page (refusing to sign guitars and other autographs), John Lydon (told the audience to fuck off, at which everyone laughed delightedly as they'd have been disappointed if he'd gone quietly), all of Genesis, Lemmy (reed thin), Paul Weller (awful, awful hair, over-tanned and short), Georgie Fame (rolling his own), Judy Collins, Eliza Carthy, Nick Cave and all his Bad Seeds, a very well-preserved John Fogarty, a twinkly-eyed John Martyn, a huge man having to be carried down and upstairs by at least four burly security guards, Seasick Steve (in dungarees), Duffy (not a legend yet), Billy Bragg, Alex Turner and Miles Kane (are they an item?) and others I've forgotten as we speak.

It's a funny ceremony, as a lot of the awards are hard to tell apart: Icon, Inspriation, Contribution, Vision, etc, all very similar really, but a good excuse to gather together loads of legends.

And this being MOJO, for the more mature rock fan, the aftershow party had lots of quiet corners and a disco that played Deep Purple and The Jam.

Now that's my kind of do.


Clair said...

I am v. jealous. I don't care if Mr Hall is a miseryguts, I love him.

TimT said...

You don't say which of the assembled legends you actually managed to engage in conversation. Do tell!

Five-Centres said...

None TT, as I was too shy. I can do it other celebs, but pop stars I find hard as once you've said how much you like their work, then what?

I was dying to talk to Dave Edmunds and Sandie Shaw among others, but I bottled if. Perhaps if I'd been drunk enough or had a muso pal with me, but the people I was with didn't know that much about music.

TimT said...

Fair point. I'm sure I'd be just the same in that situation.

Many years ago, Pete De Freitas (the drummer with Echo And The Bunnymen) came to a party at my flat - he was going out with a friend of my flatmate - and I couldn't get up the courage to talk to him, even though I was on home territory.