Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Do you dream in colour?

I had some funny dreams while I was away.

One night, I dreamt Gordon Ramsay cooked human flesh for me. And I ate it.

That same night, I'd parked my car at a station, right outside, and just left it there. When I went back on a snowy Christmas Eve about six weeks later expecting to probably have - at most - a parking ticket, it was pinned high up on a wall with a 12% sticker on it, up for sale - but not to me. I had to beg a kindly old lady, played perhaps by Anna Neagle or Marguerite Patten, to allow me to buy it back, but no amount of explaining or charm would change her mind. And we were having such a lovely Christmas too.

My most disturbing dream ever, by the way, is when I dreamt I was on a baking tray surrounded by root vegetables about to be put into the oven.

What does it all mean?


Al McGregor said...

Only when its Bill Nelson

Ishouldbeworking said...

Damned if I know - those are genuinely strange. It's possible that the last one, about the root vegetables, might indicate that you have a low opinion of some of your colleagues, though...were you a bit stressed at work when you had that one?

Five-Centres said...

Quite possibly, though it was some time ago. Colleagues as root vegetables...hmmm.

Clair said...

I'm more of a cabbage, myself.

Alberto Balsam said...

I had a dream the other night that Roger Waters and his band came to my house with his bass guitar. He left me to have a quick spank on it while he went to the kitchen to get some Sugar Puffs. Members of the band laughed like drains at my efforts to play The Beatles I Wanna Hold Your Hand on the bass. When I went into the kitchen to check on Waters, he'd poured milk straight into the box of Sugar Puffs - in the same manner as that woman off the Crunchy Nut Cornflakes ad - and was pouring them straight into his mouth. He was asked, in no uncertain terms, to leave. After he'd signed all my Pink Floyd albums.