Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Made to make your mouth water

Looking again at that old Five Centre(s) wrapper above, I still can't believe they shoved in a coffee flavour among all those (at the time) tropical fruits. I don't mind coffee flavour on the whole, but it doesn' t really go does it?

I like fake fruit flavours a lot, but I don't really like real fruit that much. I only eat it because I feel I should and, though I have a banana and an apple a day, it's only the banana I really look forward to.

I'm no fan of strawberries, raspberries are sharp, pears go everywhere, oranges etc., are too acidic for my delicate stomach, blueberries to me taste of absolutely nothing, mangoes are overrated and taste like washing-up liquid, kiwis are fiddly and nothingy and pineapple is only nice if really, really fresh, but to me is one of life's more downmarket fruits - its appearance on both gammon and Hawaiian pizzas does nothing for its image. Apples generally bore me and I HATE the melon family, especially water. Peaches and apricot skin makes me gag, but if I HAD to choose a pie, they would be in it. With ice cream. Grapes can be eaten only with cheese.

So that's that dispensed with.

So as far as fake flavours go, here are my Top 10 favourites in order of preference:

1. Cherry (only tinned cherries taste like this. Real ones taste of nothing)
2. Banana
3. Lime (the Wimpy used to do a lovely lime milkshake)
4. Blueberry
5. Pear
6. Apricot
7. Blackcurrant
8. Peach
9. Raspberry
10. Grape (very American)

And yours?


Alberto Balsam said...

Rhubarb; although technically I believe it's a vegetable.

And on that basis I'll add tomatoes as well.

Planet Mondo said...

I never understand the fuss and froth about fruit (or veg) - it's just so boring!

I'm with you on all those flavours and the lime Wimpy milkshakes made from Crusha - were delish.

I don't know if I can do a top 10 but here's five fave flaves in no particular order..

Cherry - used in Calypso Ice things
Grape - when it was a Slush Puppy option.
Root Beer/Dandelion and Burdock
Orange as in Jaffa Cakes/Revels
Pear - as in Peardrax.

Whatever happened to chocolate coloured to match of the fruit of it's flavour ie orange, raspberry, banana?

And what was the line up of flavours from Spangles Old English ?

Beth said...

Coconut's not fruit is it?
But anyway - coconut.

Five-Centres said...

Rhubarb, yes, I forgot that one.

I couldn't tell you old English Spangles Mondo, but I think there was a licorice, and something that tasted like mustard.

Not a coconut fan, Beth. It's too chewy.

office pest said...

Having mused for days I think the following were Old English flavours:

Butterscotch; Liquorice; Apple; Mint?; Cherry or maybe cherry and 'menthol' like Army and Navy tablets (oh I loved those); something like aniseed; then cinnamon or cloves; pear. There's more here, but not much:

I also like cherry, especially the tube wrapped cherry boiled sweets you could get (the other big flavour I liked was 'bitter lemon'. Who made them - was it Sharps - or Bassetts?
Cherry flavoured medicine had the authentic faux-cherry flavour of the 60s and 70s.
And what about Vimto cordial and Sarsparilla cordial, both of which did not seem to be available south of Nottingham. And McEwan's Highland Toffee and MINT Highland Toffee. No wonder my teeth are so patched up.
I could go on. I won't.