Friday, August 15, 2008

A show about nothing

We've got a documentary crew in the building, doing something for Channel 4 on one of the magazines in the group. It's a very famous magazine - I shan't name it here - with an editor who's a total legend. I'll be glued to my screen come January.

Anyhoo, apart from a bit of a hangover after only going for 'one' at the works barbie and ending up staying till all hours and doing The Green Green Grass Of Home on the karaoke, I've nothing much to blog about today.

Have a nice weekend.


Clair said...

I shall be popping in to said mag to borrow a cup of sugar and get on the telly.

And I feel like shite after last night. I dreamt I killed a certain person - twice - and woke up feeling strangely calm...

Five-Centres said...

That's theraputic Clair. I dreamt everyone went out for a drink and wouldn't' tell me where they were going.


Piers Moron said...

Recording cutting remarks, social commentary and the general dislike of Piers fucking Morgan -