Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The last farewell

I've made a big decision.

The time has come for me to delete this blog and say goodbye. It probably won't be forever, I may start again, but for now, I've totally run out of steam. Plus, I'm busy doing other stuff.

It's been over two years, so I've done pretty well, and I've enjoyed all your comments and your linkage. Who would ever have thought people - some I know, most I don't - would actually want to read my rantings, witterings, song lists and other crap all this time. I'm amazed. And flattered.

But I've had a good run and I need to regroup. I'm leaving the blog up until the end of the week and then it's over and out from me.

Thanks for all your support. I love you all. Whoever you are.


Planet Mondo said...

Oh dear, that's a shame - but there does seem to be a blue mood across several blogs at the mo'.

How about just putting the handbrake on rather than shoving the whole thing over a cliff?

A Kitten in a Brandy Glass said...

Oh no! Who will entertain us while we're supposed to be working now?

*sobs at length*

Chris Hughes said...

*wonders how pissed off the rest of the office will be when he prints out the whole of F-C's blog*

I'm not letting you finish until you post the long-promised F-C bistro menu. How else is Lesley-Anne Down going to decide what she's going to have for dinner after she's come off stage at the Theatre Royal Bath?

Matthew Rudd said...

F-C, this is a tragedy. I'd urge to reconsider, or at least follow Mondo's compromise suggestion.

*offers hanky to Kitten*

Roman Empress said...

Why don't you come back under a new name, with a new picture (for eg one of the soldiers on the quality street tin), but not tell us? I'd like that.

Chris Hughes said...

Also, if this really is The Last Farewell, I demand that you sing the Roger Whittaker song of the same name the next time I see you. I shall see if the Band Of The Royal Marines are free to accompany you.

There wouldn't be a dry eye in the house.

Clair said...

Oh bugger.

Still, we'll always have Paris.

Five-Centres said...

Gosh, you are all so kind, but Empresses's idea of a new identity is kind of what I had in mind, then let it filter out. So I will probably return - you'll just have to find me!

And Chris, yes, I shall sing, and yes, I shall make the bistro menu my very last entry.

Bright Ambassador said...


Cocktails said...

What! No! You can't! I'll miss you.

Adieu F-C

PS. And if you do return, don't be too sly/shy about it. I don't want to have to keep googling Emma Watson till I find you.

Valentine Suicide said...

Good luck to you, sir.

Your blog, along with Clair's, ISBW's and the Bright Ambassadors various incarnations have been the pillars of my daily reading for the last couple of years. I too, have run out of things to say,and have been overtaken with other interests and commitments. I wonder if it's just a natural progression for us monosyllabic males?

I wish you all the best, mate. I may be joining you in limbo before much longer.

Ishouldbeworking said...

Oh, what a bloody shame. I understand, but am sad about it. Your gently caustic wit has cheered me on many a drab day.

And I'm with Cocktails - if you do assume a new identity (I've thought seriously about doing it myself), can you send out a few clues? I'd hate to miss it.

Sky Clearbrook said...

Aw please no!

Respect your decision, all the same.

Stuart Ian Burns said...

Gosh, F-C, say it ain't so.

"I will diminish and go to the west."

Or something. Damn.

office pest said...

Well. Just got in after a super-long day and now this. THIS.
I'm with Chris - the Bistro menu will be a fitting finale. After I've seen that, the laptop's going in the fishtank. *glug* *fssst* *pop!* *bang*.
The lights dim and fade out, the show's over.
I'd beg you to continue, but as Squeeze said, "beggin's not my business".
All the best to you, Five-Centres!

rockmother said...

Oh for goodness sakes. And I was only just asking after you tonight whilst out doing formation team disco dancing with Miss Woo - I kid you not! We really were. My knee jerk reaction was to say No! Don't you dare poobrain! But that felt a bit rude and puerile so I better second Mr Mondo Bongo and Lady Roman Empress's suggestions instead. Oh please don't go - it will be like the Wall Street Crash but so much worse and far more catastrophic. Just have a little rest. Please? x

FeedbackReport said...

Gah! You have to return...

Kit Courteney said...

Oh, poo.

Five-Centres said...

Well don't miss my last post today.
Your orders please!