Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Welcome to the 1971 bistro

Spindles Bistro
16 The Parade, Bath

All our dishes are made from the finest West Country ingredients, where possible. Please ask a member of staff to explain any dishes or ingredients with which you may be unfamiliar

To Start

Melon Treena
Country-style Beef Terrine
Onion Toast
Potato & Cheese Savoury
Parsnip Fritters
Canadian Rolls (ham and beef)
Swiss Eggs
Norwegian Shrimp Cocktail
Poached Eggs in Chartreuse Sauce
Avocado Pear Vinaigrette
Devilled Eggs & Kidneys
Cheese & Broccoli Souffle

Russian Salad
New York Salad (sauerkraut and onion)
Jellied Vegetable Salad
Maytime Salad (beetroot, radish and carrot)
York Ham Salad

(all served with hot herb loaf)
Velvet Soup
Tomato Soup
Rich Hare Soup
Pea Soup

Main dishes

Poultry & Game
Raised Chicken & Ham Pie
Gipsy Pie (rabbit)
Jugged Pigeon
Norfolk Partridge Stew
Rook Pie
Turkey Loaf

Roast Pork Monaco
Mock Eel
Pork Sausages in Lace
Curried Pork Cutlets & Rice
Latvian Pork Stroganoff

Beef in Beer
Egyptian Casserole
Beefsteak Florentine
Swiss Steak
Dinah Shore’s Chili Con Carne

Liver, Bacon and Onions
Lamb St Moritz
Lamb Olives
Lamb’s Heart Pudding
Crown of Lamb Montenegro

Lemon Sole & Sorrell Butter
Bay Of Plenty Pie
Cod, Capers & Egg Sauce
Shrimps in Sherry Sauce
Skate Wings in Rum & Raisin Sauce

Guyere & Anchovy Eggs
Farmhouse Loaf
Mushroom Pudding
Fried Marrow & Poached Eggs
Baked Cottage Cheese Roll
Cauliflower Fritters

Side dishes

Baked Celery Custard
Steamed Vegetable Marrow
Runner Beans Hong Kong
Cauliflower Cheese
Leeks in White Sauce
Duchesse Potatoes
Chips, French-Style
Sweetcorn Souffle
Swede Mash
Pease Pudding
Brussels Sprouts


(Served with cream, custard or a la mode)

Black Cherries Jubilee
(Flambeed at your table)
Sweet Peach liquer Omelette
Australian Strawberr Pie
Pears Dijonaise
Ginger Sponge Sandwich
Wimbledon Cake
Queen Of Puddings
Midsummer Pie
(strawberries, raspberries & redcurrants)
Banana Snow
Glace Fruit Gateau
Pineapple Ice Cake
Pear Lime Cream
Lemon & Lime Chiffon


Elizabeth Shaw Mint Crisps


Graham Kibble-White said...

Two words jump out: "Mock" and "Eel". Please tell me more!

And do you require me to leave a tip? For the girls?

Five-Centres said...

It's a shaped pork dish. Quite nasty really.

office pest said...

What are Runner Beans Hong Kong? And what wines are you serving (dare I ask).
Mushroom Pie - mmm lovely.

Five-Centres said...

Sweet and Sour runner beans of course!

Wines are few really, some Liebfraumilch, some Hock, a Claret. We're not known for our extensive wine list.

Planet Mondo said...

I'll be having...

Starters - Norwegian Shrimp Cocktail

Main - Swiss Steak
Side - Chips, French-Style

Desert - Cherries Jubilee

Follwed with Irish Coffee

Drinks - I'll have a glass of wine from (can't remember the name but in a squat shaped bottle with a picture of Venice on the label)

Roman Empress said...

It looks kinda Australian.
I like the look of that Canadian Roll.
It pisses on the Welsh Wok.

A Kitten in a Brandy Glass said...

I'll have cheese and broccoli soufflé please (slightly sunken), followed by the marrow and eggs (in no other decade did this constitute a dish).

Do you have any Mateus Rosé? On second thoughts, maybe I'll go wild and have a Snowball.

Five-Centres said...

Snowballs and Mateus Rose all available. Was that the one with the pic of Venice on it, PM? Perhaps a Gin & It instead Kitten?

Ishouldbeworking said...

Can I have a Dubonnet and lemonade whilst I'm perusing?

A Kitten in a Brandy Glass said...

I think that PM may be confusing the shape of the Mateus Rose bottle (which has a picture of a Portuguese villa on it) with the Italian scenes generally found on those bottles of Chianti that come in the raffia holder. Now, those were classy.

Cocktails said...

Make mine a fluffy duck, then I'll be heading straight for the desserts. Can I have more than one?

BTW, if you haven't already been there, I think you might like Oslo Court - In fact, I think you might well have stolen their menu.

Five-Centres said...

I have indeed been to Oslo Court. What I remember most about it is the smell of old people. The food was shocking.

Chris Hughes said...

Well, this is marvellous. Look, isn't that Ian Ogilvy at the next table, sipping an Irish coffee?

Five-Centres said...

Possibly, though I definitely saw Anouska Hempel tucking into a lime chiffon cream.

office pest said...

I don't want anything foreign. It gives me wind. I'll have the Parsnip Fritters, then the Lamb's Heart Pudding with cauliflower cheese, swede mash and Brussels sprouts ('are they foreign?' 'No they're from Lincolnshire'. 'Foreign enough then, ha ha'.)
Can I have a large Brandy and Soda and a Castella while I'm waiting?
Is that Matt Monro on the eight track? And is that Jim Dale over there - my father knows him, you know. I might go over.