Friday, October 03, 2008

The final countdown

Now I've finally opened the bistro it's time to say goodbye. I'll be far too busy sourcing cauliflowers, working out how not to get to my brandy snaps to stick and reordering Castellas (nice one, OP) for any of this nonsense.

At around 5pm this evening this blog will disapper into the ether forever.

I would print it out, but it would take forever. I'd quite like to archive it but I don't know how, so it's goodbye from me. Someone keep a copy of the bistro menu, would you?

Again, I've enjoyed it, you've all been marvellous. Watch this space, I shall return in some form or another.

*walks away and sheds small tear*


Valentine Suicide said...

Goodbye Five Centres.

*stands waving at figure retreating into the mist...

A Kitten in a Brandy Glass said...

Nothing on the net can last eternally
Entertaining bloggers must move on
But this has never yet prevented us
Wasting time at work
For far too long

Spouting forth on music of the seventies,
Crap celebs and Emma Watson's chest
Our own FC is leaving Bloggersville
Farewell from the ones who knew him best

Didn't he blog?
(Oh, he blogged)
What will we do?
(Oh, boo hoo)
Isn't it madness,
FC is through!
But poor FC, he needs some time away from us
Though we're fabulous
(Oh yes, Five Centres needs his freedom)
We know him so well!!!

office pest said...

Oh alright then, you've got to close sometime of course.
Well I'll have a Dimple Haig before I go, and 10 Kensitas from behind the bar to see me home. Unless you've got any Craven 'A' ('for my throat's sake', ha ha), or Guards? No? Kensitas it is then. And a book of matches.
The bill - ah yes, cash alright? Got some of the old money, no good now is it? Oh you can take it still can you. With some new as well? Good. What is Access anyway? A what? Oh. Next year hm...well I can't see it catching on myself. Cash all the way for me, can't go about spending money you haven't got eh! There'll be trouble over that someday, mark my words. These damn new pence are so fiddly. All over the floor. Leave them, cleaner can have them.
Oh dear I feel rather squiffy, that Lambrusco's strong stuff isn't it. I shall have a terrible hangover in the morning I expect.
Well it's been lovely, I hope we can come back someday.
Now, where are my keys...

Planet Mondo said...

See you round FC - it's been a blast and an inspiration. I've dedicated a tune to you today on Channel Mondo

Chris Hughes said...

Goodbye F-C. I shall miss this blog.

I'm going to keep copies of two posts, namely the bistro menu, and your big long list of 1970s tunes from your fantasy social club. That was ace.

Matthew Rudd said...

Thank you for the F-C Production of the KCFM 70s Show.

Thank you for the healthy, fractious and rather inspiring debate on sport.

Thank you for regularly supporting my blog and helping to relieve my inferiority complex among proper media pros and university-educated people of distinction.

Thank you for giving Argies another reason to hate the Brits.

Thank you for making me laugh, scowl, chuckle and think.

Thank you.

Five-Centres said...

I'm really touched.
Kitten, that poem's ace. Such thought.

Well, I'm working on saving it all, thanks Woo, and in a couple of hours, it's goodbye.