Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Let's talk about nice things

After being a bit mean about Mark Ronson, who probably doesn't deserve it, I'm resolving to be nice from here on in.

So let's make a list of things that make me happy:

Kittens and cats generally
Old pictures of London
My house
The central heating coming on
Rainy days at home with Mrs F-C
The sound of crows at a misty dusk
Misty summer dawns
The prospect of foreign travel
Hot buttered crumpets
DVDs in the afternoon
Falling asleep with the sound of rain on the roof
Bland rock that reminds me of summers in Bahrain
Southern TV
Camden's premier eatery The Good Fayre
New shirts and jumpers
Coming home after a holiday
Autumn leaves
Discovering new music, even though it's old
Getting in the car after a long day
My parents' good health
Early Saturday evening telly
Songs coming on the radio you've not heard for ages
Hot bread
Baroque pop
My niece being so gullible
Going to collect the cat from the cattery - she's always so thrilled
Candles lit at dusk
Mrs F-C spending the day cooking
Any project to do with itunes
Making money from selling off my CDs
Any BBC4 documentary on old telly/musicians/musical genres/the Eastern Bloc
The cat on my lap
Mrs F-C generally
Bunny tea
The thought of lunch
Folk rock
The weather not too hot/slate grey skies
A new issue of Entertainment Weekly/The Word
Clean sheets
Everybody Loves Raymond with morning cups of tea
Saturday afternoon baths
Money in the bank
Charing Cross Road
Comments on the blog
Dinner with friends at our house
Remembering what it's like to have just moved to London
A roaring log fire
The first drink of the evening
Waking up after a good night's sleep
A tidy mind
Remembering the bad times, and realising they really weren't that bad after all
The hits of 1981
Late September uni memories
Sundy afternoon cinema
A good antiques fair preferably out of London
The view to the right going south over Waterloo bridge
Peace and quiet

That'll do for now


Cocktails said...

Oh, what a nice list - I feel all happy inside now.

Almost as happy as I did this morning as I watched Frasier with a cup of coffee and a cat on my lap. Everybody Loves Raymond? Bit early isn't it?!

The boy with dreams said...
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Clair said...

Ooh, Uncertain Smile will be on the Hi-Fi when you get home tonight, I bet.

Can I just add:
Eating food that will give you CJD with F-C and talking about the EC ;-)

Five-Centres said...

Yes, I wonder what was in those meatballs.

Cocktails that sounds marvellous, but I'm in bed at Raymond time, I might add.

A Kitten in a Brandy Glass said...

What's bunny tea?

Looking at cats' feet makes me very happy at the moment. They are so pleasingly shaped and fluffy. Quite possible it's only a few steps from thinking this to being a mad old lady with 47 cats, though, so don't encourage me.

Five-Centres said...

Everything about cats is cute, Kitten. Everything.

Ishouldbeworking said...

A cosy autumn list, perfect for the day I decided to put the central heating back on.

office pest said...

Delighted to be able to support at least two of the items on your list F-C.
ISBW - we are (I am) aiming for an October 1st central heating switch on...I grew up without it so don't miss it but I have to say this opinion is not shared by the less hardy...there could be rebellion in the offing.

Five-Centres said...

We've had it on for an hour or so, lately, but it's certainly getting very autumnal, even in London, so it's heating on this weekend I think. I can't take it anymore. This morning was very chilly.

TimT said...

I'm with Office Pest - I refuse to switch on the central heating before October, unless we start getting frost or something. (I've been known to hold out until November, though that was in my bachelor days.)

September's rarely so chilly that putting on a sweater doesn't solve the problem. It's an equally cosy and comforting solution (and it doesn't cost any money!).