Thursday, September 18, 2008

I hate this phrase:

"Team GB"

Please stop it. Why must everything have a snappy nickname.

Let's get back to more formal times.

You may call me sir.

On another note, look how quickly those Olympic heroes have been forgotten. Shut away in a draw and brought out again as Sports Personality Of The Year and The National TV Awards.

The paralympians may as well not exist for all the coverage they've got. That said, are they home yet?

Don't say I told you so.


Chris Hughes said...

I don't think anyone's forgotten the Olympic heroes, it's just that they've done their job, collected their medals and now there's nothing more to say. If anything, that's how sport should be. They do get their London bus parade next month, though.

Team GB is rubbish, yes. Even more annoying is Team Cameron, Team McCann etc.

TimT said...

Agreed about Team GB. It's like the way this year's European Championships in football were universally called Euro 08 - ugh.

Bright Ambassador said...

The gold-winning athletes of Team GB are probably taking a well earned break, before they begin preparations for the next Olympics. If they kept popping up on TV panels hows, ads etc people would moan about how sick they were of seeing them. They can't win, can they?

If Lewis Hamilton wins this year's World Championship, then Hoy, Adlington, Wiggins et al, can kiss goodbye to any hope of winning Sports Personality of the Year.

Matthew Rudd said...

They're in close-season now - there are generally few events after an Olympiad for any of our athletes to undertake.