Thursday, September 18, 2008

Things you don't hear everyday No.1

Yesterday, on my way back from lunch, I was amused to hear builders swapping recipes.

Now before anyone gets all aerated and proclaims, hands on hips, that builders do eat too, you know, it's just something you don't see every day. Just like the homeless person I once saw reading a Danielle Steele novel under a nasty blanket at Vauxhall Tube station - it's not what you expect too see. (I told this story to a couple at a wedding once, and the male half of the couple went ballistic, accusing me of snobbery, dissing the homeless and saying things like 'they can read, you know' and adopting a sarcastic tone with 'just because they don't have a home means they can't read', like I was Richard Littlejohn or something, continuing in this vein for ages and totally missing the point. Twat).

Anyhoo, so I saw an older builder telling two younger builders how to make a tuna bake. And they were noting it down.

It's great to have your preconceptions shattered. It happens on an almost daily basis.

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Cocktails said...

Are you sure that this wasn't a set up for some Jamie Oliver TV programme??