Friday, September 12, 2008

We 'ad to be quick, cos Elsie felt sick

I'm shockingly hungover today. Too much red wine and no food at the Merlin launch last night. It was packed out with the great and the good, plus the odd curveball: Kevin McLeod, who was there with his son for a birthday treat, and Peter Duncan and wife. I love those big BBC dos - they always throw up the most random people, the sort of people to whom your first question is 'what are you doing here?', which sounds quite rude but isn't meant to be. I wasn't mad on the show - it didn't help that I kept dropping off (a dark room, some pre-match wine and a comfy seat did for me) - but perhaps if I was 10 then I'd think it was the best thing ever, and seeing as that's who it's meant for, then it was probably doing a great job.

Anyhoo, I'm sitting here feeling rather bilious. I got sent a small cake in the post today so I wolfed it on top of one of those Pret mozzarella bakes and it's sitting uncomfortably. All I can think of is lying down on the sofa and finishing off watching The Changes on DVD.

Older viewers - do you remember this programme? It was when man turned on machine. It was shown when I was about 10 and I thought it was marvellous. I reven read all the books. I'm happy to say it still stands up now. They really used to make an effort with kids shows back then. Oh those salad days.

I'm glad I won't be feeling like this tomorrow. Mrs F-C and I are taking my parents on the London Eye, and to be reminded of the line from Daytrip To Bangor might push me over the the edge.

'I said to 'er lad, what made her feel bad, was the wheel going round'


Clair said...

I loved The Changes - genuinely scary, like Suvivivors for kids.

And hangovers. Fine when you don't have to work, but oh, sitting through a day feeling like cobblers at your desk (something I've done far too much lately) is purgatory.

Nic said...

Coincidentally, I've just finished re-reading The Changes trilogy, and they are still great. Not quite as good as Weirdstone of Brisingamen (which had me biting my knuckles recently) but little is.

Retro kids shows fondly remembered also include Tripods :o)

Five-Centres said...

I never saw the Tripods, but I am to catch up with it soon.

Can't wait for the new Survivors remake, though i fear it won't be half as good as the original.

As the day goes on, I feel slightly better, Clair, but I know come 4pm I'll be champing at the bit to get home.

Planet Mondo said...

I don't remember - wish I did though, it looks just like my sorta thing. Death Of Grass by John Pirrie, which we read at school, was along similar (Survivors for kids) lines

Ishouldbeworking said...

I can still hum the theme tune from 'The Changes'. In fact, I'm humming it now.

True what you say about the quality of kids' drama from that period. Another, which nobody seems to remember, was a series called 'The Feathered Serpent', which was set in Aztec-era Mexico. The hero, Prince Heumac, was responsible for producing some very 'funny feelings' in me and my mates.

What fun to have brushed shoulders with Peter Duncan. He was never responsible for any 'funny feelings', but he always seemed like a nice chap.

Hope the hangover is on its way out. Eat a fried egg sandwich if not. It won't make you feel any better but it'll take your mind off it.

Five-Centres said...

It's a great score, very electronic, very Neu!.

I think I'm beyond the fried egg sandwich phase now, more of a muffin head on now.

Valentine Suicide said...

I remember The Changes and was going to blog on them F-C, you thief.

didn't they introduce it " And now a Television Programme for older children"? I hadn't realised they were based on books. I remember the title "The Wierdstone of Brisingamen", but no details.

That's me off to Amazon then...

Beth said...

The Changes was brilliant, and I thought nobody else remembered it! Should've known better.

What about The Owl Service though? I know I read it and it messed with my head for years - and I know it was on the telly, but I don't know if I ever saw it, or if I just think I did because the images from the book were so strong.

Five-Centres said...

The Owl Service was a Sunday afternoon thing as long as I remember. Didn't it have Brigit Forsyth in it?