Thursday, September 11, 2008

Let them eat mango whizz

Who's watching the new series of The Restaurant? It's probably way to early to start blogging about this, but I loved the last series and, from what I can gather, the new one looks set to be as compulsive.

The couples are all going to be awful at first - the dad and daughter, the competitive guy with the tatoos and his 'friend', the dimwit couple opening their restaurant in 'Bi-cester', etc.

There's more of Raymond Blanc this time, which is fine, and it was right that the couple out first included the woman who opened a tin of mango puree and whizzed it up with cream, as if this was a dish fit for a Michelin-starred chef. Her daughter looked mortified. That's not cooking.

So tonight they get the keys to their kingdoms, t hough I don't know when I'm going to see this as it's the launch of the BBC's great new hope Merlin tonight. That should draw in the Harry Potter crowd come October.


Chris Hughes said...

I lapped it up last night. I was especially entertained by the sweaty tattooed "fine dining" expert and his gimp, and the annoying hippy-dippy flower-obsessed "we're so happy" woman.

And the pair straight out of The High Life, with their frozen pea soup served in a loaf of bread. I suspect Sorbet & Seasons (so which one's which?) might not win.

I do love Raymond, I like how he won't brook any unnecessary fuss. As soon as that over-complicated plate of "fruity frisbees" came out, you knew he'd criticise the unnecessary faff.

I also like Sarah Willingham but for entirely different reasons.

Five-Centres said...

Yes, I meant to mention Sorbet & Seasons: "Would you consider changing your name?" asked Raymond, to which you knew they'd reply "no".

And that silly flower-eating woman's restaurant is called Cheerful Soul.

I feel bilious.

Chris Hughes said...

I forget the exact quote but didn't she say something awful like "we want to bring happiness into the lives of people who aren't so happy" or something equally patronising and wrong?

Also: Chinese-Welsh fusion!

Five-Centres said...

It's going to be great!

Clair said...

I once went to an Italian-Jewish-Chinese fusion restaurant in Canada. Bad as it sounds.

Bright Ambassador said...

Mrs Ambassador watches this, I don't. I can't stand that git Blanc. Can't they find a British person to do it, whose voice you can understand?

Roman Empress said...

I'm hooked already, the gay guy in the middle of a nervous breakdown...I'm hoping there'll be lots more nervous system failure from him.

Chris Hughes said...

"I don't want to argue with you, what I want to do is negotiate to your satisfaction."

Five-Centres said...

I haven't seen last night's one yet, so no spoilers!