Friday, October 17, 2008

It's a bit of a week of spies, as not only have I seen the first two episodes of Spooks, which are marvellous and must be watched (someone's been watching Eastern Promises), but tonight I'm off to see the first showing in the world ever (or so it says on the press release) of Quantum Of Solace which, unless you live in a cave, you will know to be the cumbersomely titled new James Bond film.

I'm excited. I rarely get excited about anything due to fear of disappointment, but knowing nothing at all about this film means it's an unknown quanitity. It might be dreadful. I hope not. I loved Casino Royale, so I hope this keeps the magic alive.

THe screening is at the Odeon Leicester Square, and the last time I went there was to the Royal premiere (through work) of The World Is Not Enough, a rubbish James Bond film, where I noticed Dame Diana Rigg to be in attendance. Anyhoo, though the Odeon or any Leicester Square cinema is VERY LOUD, you can't beat that big screen experience when it comes to something like this.

I would blog about what it's like afterwards, but the security is absurdly tight. We have to check our phones in at the door, whether they have a recording facility or not, so they'll probably gaffer tape our mouths up as we exit and forbid us to speak until the end of the month. Tsk.

NB Why can I not type in a title or a label without it becoming questions marks? I don't understand.


Clair said...

See you there, then ;-)

Five-Centres said...

Ooh you're going too?

office pest said...

Look out for me, third corpse from the left, about 23 minutes in.