Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lorne Spicer was right

So Quantum of Solace was good, not great. Some fantastic action sequences, but completely devoid of humour, except for a perky Gemma Arterton, until she meets rather a sticky end. Oil is the new gold, said Mrs F-C, and it all makes sense.

On Sunday, we did a car boot sale. We used to do these a lot about 10 years ago, as there's money to be made out of all your old junk. But had we underestimated how much things have changed. The car boot sale down the road from where I live was one you could just turn up at and get selling. Not now. It's all booked way in advance, it's all marshalled and you get your pitch, etc. So we did all this and got a great spot. We were selling loads of old kitchen stuff, old perfume and creams, DVDs (go an absolute bomb), old clothes, CDs, LPs (collectors only), etc. etc. We were besieged on arrival, we could hardly cope. By the end of the day we were still raking it in. When we got home and counted our money, we'd made nearly £400. We were astounded.

There's some rum people there though. Some people who clearly spend their lives going to car boot salesm, and it would seem the influx of Eastern European immigrants has completely revitalised the whole car boot scene, thankfully. The last time we did one, punters were a bit thin on the ground. Not so now. We're currently digging out more stuff for the next one.

But not just yet, as we're off to France tomorrow for a short break, spending our car boot cash on gorgeous food in cosy bistros.

See you next week, as the Double Deckers used to sing.

PS I still can't give titles to posts without them turning into question marks. What IS going on?


Planet Mondo said...

I think coffee is the new gold - literally, every bank that closes is replaced with a Costa/Starbucks. Invest in beans not bullion - that's my advice.

Did a boot sale years ago and cleaned up, but it was full of scavengers who tried sleight of hand distraction while we were setting up the tressle tables.

Five-Centres said...

Yes, there was a bit of that going on, but it would all have binned if we'd not been there, so we let it pass.

Sky Clearbrook said...

You're tagged.