Tuesday, November 11, 2008

No more drama

Plenty of food for thought on the Christmas party outfit front, so thanks for that.

In other news, I saw the Hotel Inspector Alex Polizzi in the Italian deli in Clapham on Saturday. She smiled sweetly. She does look old. But nice to see her supporting local businesses. We tend to shop at the market these days. It's not cheap, it must be said, but the vegetables are magnificent, and the meat from the organic butcher never anything less than a treat, he said boringly.

Moving on, I thought it was a travesty about that girl from The X Factor being voted out. I like her and Ruth, and really it should have been the professional widower with the bad dye job and that troublesome Mary J Bilge wannabe who was simply awful and thinks she can do without professional guidance. That said, when said guidance is coming from Danniiiiiiiiii Minogue she may have a point.

There's a terrible danger when you get the public to vote for their favourites. They always fall for the sob story or vote for who they find attractive. There's no imagination there, not in my experience. But what can you do? Grin and bear it. Much like when I tripped on a peach running for a train at Manchester station and the whole train laughed their heads off. It was embarrassing but you've got to get on with it and move on.

Anyhoo, Mariah Carey night was so dull. Who likes her? Not I. I can't think of a single song she's ever done that I find remotely interesting. Most are covers, done in that twiddly way, with those unnecessary curlicues infecting every phrase. Execrable. I saw her once at the MTV Awards in Dublin. She was brought into the press room and we all had to stand and clap for her. We didn't have to do that for anyone else. And she had a major entourage with her.

I'm going to The X Factor in a couple of weeks, so I'm glad I missed that night. And disco night. But I do love the show. I wonder if it'll be Fairport Convention night, Roxy Music night or Enya night? One can but dream. Knowing my luck it'll be Coldplay night.

Diana to win.


A Kitten in a Brandy Glass said...

The only even mildly interesting thing I've ever heard about Mariah Carey was a magazine article about how much various celebrities "really weigh" which said that Mariah weighs 11st 6. This fascinated me because that's about what I weigh, and yet Mariah seems a damn sight more compact than me. I can only imagine that she's made primarily of tungsten. Or perhaps she has lead weights in her feet to keep her upright.

Five-Centres said...

You outshine her, Kitten, constantly.

TimT said...

I'm with you on MC's music. Mrs T and I were sitting there at the start of the show and neither of us could name a single one of her songs - well, apart from 'Hero', which they've been relentlessly plugging for the past couple of weeks.

Did you notice that the only part of Mariah's face that moved during the entire show was her lips?

I'm not that bothered about Laura going out (a second-rate Winehouse slur-alike, if you ask me), but I can't believe Eoghan is still there. Watching him sing is like attending cabaret night at your nephew's school.

As for the sob stories, Cowell and co have only got themselves to blame. They put so much emphasis on people's personal stories in the audition phase that they can't really be surprised when the public vote on that basis during the live shows.

Five-Centres said...

Yes, can't stand Eooghghghafsdnfn. He's like a JK Rowling creation. But he does have quite a nice voice, it's just the vessel I can't be doing with.

TimT said...

But 'quite a nice voice' doesn't really cut it when you're competing to be a huge pop star, does it? Eoghan's voice is fairly thin - not surprisingly, he's only 16 and looks 12 - and they keep having to surround it with gospel choirs and whatnot to beef it up.

Frankly, if Alexandra doesn't win it'll be a travesty. She performs like a professional already among all the wannabes. Her, Diana and JLS in the final, I reckon.

Sky Clearbrook said...

Timt - I noticed that about her face too. I take it that's a really bad example of botox overload!

Mariah Carey songs are always utterly bland and ultimately forgettable. They are completely devoid of any discernable tune and the one she twittered her fucking way through on last Saturday's X Factor was absolutely no exception.