Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Back - and not O-Kay

Helsinki was very cold - snow on the ground but nothing in the air. Very Christmassy and all that but the prices! Now is not a good time to go to Europe. Usually prices are London standard, but not now. More like Oslo standard.

Anyhoo, back now and counting down to Christmas.

This is currently annoying me:

Talk about milking it. It's never off the telly. And to my mind, Peter Kay is enjoying it all far too much. He looks very comfortable as Irish transsexual Geraldine McQueen. is he trying to tell us something? He wouldn't do any publicity at all either. He used to be good - I've interviewed him twice. He's nice enough - or was, but the first time the phone went dead once my allotted time was up. The second time there was an edge. There has been no third time.

Now, I believe he's a monster. It gets them all in the end.


Clair said...

I saw him at Christmas TOTP last week. Not content with just performing his single, he did a stand up routine and held up proceedings, and then got on stage with Keane to show that they were showbiz mates. Ugh.

Matthew Rudd said...

Kay Peters, good one. Welcome back.

Five-Centres said...