Thursday, December 18, 2008

A good day for TV

Today is a momentous day. Fiona Phillips has left the building.

Regular readers will know my thoughts on this sofa-bound muppet. I can't stand her. Mrs F-C and I get into quite a later of a morning shouting at the screen. We only watch GMTV to hate her. She thinks that she's big enough to conduct herself however she likes. She thinks she's witty, biting, incisive, sensitive and warm. Well I've got news for her.

This morning, Ben Shephard, that silly wooden boy in a grown-up suit who always looks way out of his depth with anyone other than the weather girl, asked if any viewers had any special messages for Fiona.

We did. It was "Fuck off!"

I suppose we shouldn't be too mean as she's doing it for the family (and reading about her reasons, only the hardest of hearts would mock, so I won't), but really, she's so utterly inane and comes across as an absolute plank, it's criminal she was ever allowed on TV in the first place. The fact that Gordon Brown thinks she's marvellous says it all. The one thing I will give her though, is that she's got nice hair.

I won't go on, save to say I'm glad to see the back of her, and I hope not to have to see her on TV ever again.

Another hate figure bites the dust.

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Bright Ambassador said...

To be fair, her tits look nice in that photo.