Friday, December 19, 2008

Out With The Old...

Well, it's time to sign off for 2008. It's been an okay year so far. Some work difficulties earlier in the year which spilled over into my personal life, my dad's ongoing trips to the doctor and my nephew falling off the changing table from a great height (he's fine), and my three quite painful verucas I could have done without, but apart from that, all's ticked along nicely.

So who's looking forward to next year? 2009 eh? That looks weired doesn't it? It only seems like yesterday we were all looking forward to the year 2000 and now it's nearly the end of the Noughties (I've never got used to calling them that) and moving into the, er, what, the Teens? The Tens? It's yet to be decided. But here we are. Time marches on when you're over 30, never to be seen again. I've lived half my life already. Oh dear.

We'll only be three years away from the Olympics and I'll turn 44. Sob. Do you think we'll actually see the Olympics? Won't be all be wiped out in a Survivors-style virus before then? Probably. According to the John Titor website (which is intriguing and I'd like to believe it but it's without doubt bollocks) we won't. Sorry, I'm sounding like Don Estelle, whose frankly barking stream of conciousness vanity-published autobiography was the hightlight of last nights very fun It's A TV Cream Christmas! do, thanks to Steve Berry.

Have you read it? Track it down, it's an absolute must. It's insane. It says to me, small man of whom no one ever really took much notice getting it all of his chest at last. Paragraph two of page one bangs on about the Hitler Youth, apropos of almost nothing. And so it goes on. Not to be missed.

Anyhoo, what I'm looking forward to next year:

Going to Moscow

Work harmony

A new kitchen

Mad Men series 2

Being reinstated on Andrew Collins' blogroll

Launching something fabulous

Good health for all

Until then, a very merry Christmas to you all, thanks for reading - and commenting - and happy New Year.

Now, I'm off for the first of two very big lunches. I may never return.


Cocktails said...

Merry Christmas to you F-C. It's been a good year and I'm pleased/relieved/delighted that you're still with us and blogging.

Here's to 2009.

PS. And to clarify my comment yesterday, I didn't mean any ill intention. I like Will Ferrell!

Five-Centres said...

Thanks Cocktails! I know, I know, I have to live with the Will Ferrell thing.

Keep blogging!

Clair said...

Glad somebody's launching something fabulous....

Five-Centres said...

Well I'm not, but I'd like to, just to keep things interesting.

Planet Mondo said...

Have yourself a Christmas tear-up FC, and hope to see you in the New Year - have this winter mixture to keep you Christmasy..

office pest said...

Happy Christmas F-C. Stop by OP early next week to get on board our chartered Stratocruiser for a trip to exotic climes.
The BOAC in-flight Christmas Menu awaits you...

(Remember to turn left at the top of the stairs.)

Valentine Suicide said...

Have a lovely Christmas, sir.

Bright Ambassador said...

Happy Christmas

Ishouldbeworking said...

Happy Winter Thing to you, F-C. Thanks for a year of good blogging. I'm glad you decided to return.

Pip pip.

Five-Centres said...

Thanks everyone. Here's to 2009!