Monday, January 12, 2009

Do not watch this film

I've seen some really good films on DVD recently - In Bruges (far better than you might imagine - I've never seen a Colin Farell film before and he's really good), Iron Man (super FX) and The Long Weekend (see previous posts), but we also watched a low-budget British film called Mum & Dad.

If you are of a nervous disposition, DO NOT see this film. I say this because I love horror films, but this had me awake at night two night's running. I couldn't shake the fear. It's horrible. I wondered if I was having a nervous breakdown, but no. It's just purely the most disturbing film I've ever seen, and I've seen my fair share. Perhaps it was because I was suffering from my worst hangover in years after falling out (not literally) of a friend's Hoxton flat at 2am (as Ken Stott walked by growling into a carrier bag), but I think not. It's purely and simply a terrifying film, all too real, not in the least bit funny or ironic (I don't think), just plain sick. So what is it about?

In a nutshell it's about a psychotic family who trap people and murder them and torture them for their own amusement. Anymore I'm too bilious to reveal. Torture porn doesn't do it for me - I've only seen the first Saw film and that was more than enough. I can do psychological horror, demons, devils, Joan Collins battling killer santas, etc., but I draw the line at this. I worry it might happen to me.

Really, it's horrific. You may never want to eat meat again. The only thing that kept me going in my dark nights was the ending, which I won't give away. I can't stop thinking about it, but the terror has subsided. That said, Perry Benson is very good.

Let's all watch That Darn Cat instead.


Dr Jane said...

In that case I suggest you avoid Funny Games. I've only seen the original version not the remake, mainly because the thought of sitting through it again filled me with a sick sense of dread.

A Kitten in a Brandy Glass said...

I watched Savage Grace at the weekend, which is about an utterly mad family of a rather different sort (rich, repressed, incestuous, etc.). It was sort of compelling but not exactly a cheerful experience. Still, at least they kept the stabbing to a minimum.

Five-Centres said...

I have seen Funny Games (the original) and while it was gruesome, somehow it seemed far removed from reality because it was in Austria. I don't know why. I think this one was far too close to home.

Cocktails said...

I love That Darn Cat. You wouldn't get Hayley Mills peeling people's skin off or ramming chopsticks in their eyes.

Ishouldbeworking said...

Oh my word, F-C, I won't even dare glance at the cover of that one, if I ever come across it. A film like that would affect me for life. I'm already quite rattled by your description.

I'm with you on 'In Bruges', which I watched the other week. And on Colin Farrell being such a pleasant surprise.

CSouthwell said...

You've only gone and made it sound really mysterious.

I now really want to see it, yet aware that i will probably hate it.

office pest said...

I'm glad you watched so I don't have to. I've become so squeamish in my old age it's quite a worry. Whatever I see now horror or war film wise I can imagine happening to me or my nearest & dearest. Gone soft I guess.

Five-Centres said...

At your peril is all I will say.