Monday, January 05, 2009

New Year - New Me

First day back at work today. On the one hand it's like I've been off for ages, and on the other, like I've never been away. I hate January. But the good news is it's snowing in London, and that's alright by me.

I'm thinking about the year ahead, and I'm really itching to do a lot of things. I want to eat out all over town, travel more and start something new and different. I really could do with a project.

Perhaps it's time to dust off that novel about two people running a pub on the outskirts of Southampton in 1970, or perhaps that script about the policeman who has been estranged from his fairground-owning family where he decides to stick around and solve crimes - called It's A Fair Cop, obviously. Or perhaps I'll go back to collecting thimbles.

Anyhoo, I feel the need to move on with my life, not workwise or homewise of course, but kind of mentally.

Do you know what I mean?

PS Do you like this blog's design, or should I revert? Is anyone out there?


A Kitten in a Brandy Glass said...

I think everyone feels the same way at the moment, don't they? I certainly do. Maybe we should all run away and join the circus. Or start our own circus. Train cats to do tricks or something.

This version of the layout looks all right, BTW.

Roman Empress said...

Conversely, I'll hardly be eating out at all. Not many places cater for vegans and being able to pay our mortgage and stay afloat is our priority, sadly.
And happy new year!

Bright Ambassador said...

Try having your birthday in January. Jesus...

Ishouldbeworking said...

Ah! Seasonal restlessness. I'm feeling similar, though I hurt my back painting the kitchen ceiling yesterday so my spirit of derring-do is somewhat subdued.

I liked the old layout better, by the way - this new one looks a little squashed and 'busy' to my eyes. But it's the content that counts.

office pest said...

Yes, still here F-C. Happy New Year. The layout's all right but as ISBW says it is a little narrow. The colours remind me of the toffee and cream interior dec. used by Government buildings in the 1940s.
So you could be Churchill, in your Cabinet War Rooms. As a project that may have potential..

Five-Centres said...

This layout's divisive, isn't it. I might return to the old look. It's far cosier.

Happy New Year to you all.

Sky Clearbrook said...

I see you've reverted to the blue one, then!