Sunday, January 04, 2009

New Year - New Who

Look at me, blogging on a Sunday. Well, I'm up with the lark so why not?

Happy New Year, everyone. Hope your festive season was full of joy and that Santa bought you everything you wanted. Ours passed without incident, I'm glad to say, but let's just say next year we're going to be doing it all differently.

So, the big news this year, apart from Israel bowldering into Gaza (how long before the Arab world tires of this and just nukes it? Now is a good time to dig out that copy of Threads), is the announcement, which took us all by surprise of the new Doctor Who.

And what a funny-looking chap he is. So young. However, he seems quirky enough and has the right hair, so let's see what he can do. Stephen Moffatt seems to know what he's doing, and his episodes are some of my favourites, so the right decision has probably been made. That said, I met Stephen Moffatt a few months ago and I was taken aback at how unfriendly, unsmiling and frankly rather rude he was. Let's hope that changes too.

So what will this year bring you? Whatever it is, let's hope it's a year of peace and quiet, no nuclear wars, no credit crunch barmy army, etc.

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Cocktails said...

I realy liked Matt Smith in Party Animals, and providing he's not as gurning as DT, think he could be a great doctor. He's got the cheekbones anyway. And that's what's important.

Happy New Year FC.