Thursday, April 09, 2009

Simnel Minds

A very happy Easter to you. I hope the Easter Bunny brings you everything you ever wanted.

Talking of Easter Bunnies, I see they're now doing a dark chocolate Lindt bunny - you know, the gold foil ones with the bells round their necks. We've got one on the go in the office at the moment. Do come over and have a piece if you're reading this.

I like Easter. I like it that it's usually overcast, not cold, and there is rain. I got married on Easter Saturday 1996, and it's always been a restful, calm time, the smell of hot cross buns and roast spring lamb hanging in the air. My favourite Easter was one spent in London, where it rained every single day really hard and we went to the cinema about four times, dashing in and out of the rain. It's funny what you remember.

So can you remember you favourite ever Easter egg? I recall a very large Ripple one, when Ripple came in a turquoise wrapper. I never liked anything that involved acres of Mackintosh or Rowntree chocolate as it was too sweet. And I wasn't keen on ones that came atop miniature mugs, wrapped in cellophane. The mugs were that kind of too-hot china and the mugs way too small for my purposes. They're probably worth a fortune on the collectibles market today.

So whatever you do, have a good one. We're just knocking around, seeing friends and family, wearing Easter bonnets and hopefully just relaxing.

Here's The Singing Nun to remind us in this not very good video that's also a religious festival too.


Planet Mondo said...

Happy Easter to you FC

Fave Easter memories well, my youngest was born on Easter Sunday 2000, and the very same day as St George's day and Shakespeare's birthday that year..

Fave eggs - I used to love the ones that were hexagon patterned chocolate, or a slightly wrinkled looking pressing - I'd always bite through the top-end first. As for egg/mug combos I've still got one from yonks back(pre-school)featuring Sooty and Sweep (still weird seeing them with legs)

But my all-time-favourite-of-all -time were the Toffee and Mallow eggs (same size as Cadbury's creme ones) - delish.

PS Found I had a few hits coming in from the BBC this week, and one of my retro-choco posts has been picked on the The Archers Forum ..(comment 30)

Five-Centres said...

Mmmm, I remember toffee mallow eggs. I can taste the mallow now. Whither t them?

Wil said...

Ah, the nun singing the 'knickers' song. Now I can enjoy Easter. Thanks.