Tuesday, April 14, 2009

English Country Garden

So did you have a nice Easter break? I never want to see another chocolate again. Rococo English creams are coming out of my ears. You can tkeep your truffles, I'm a soft centres person. Can't you tell by my name?

Quite enjoyed the Doctor Who. I thought Michelle Ryan made an alright villain but there wasn't much of a story, was there. It's all designed to see David Tennant off. He's everywhere at the moment, isn't he? I heard him on the radio doing a show with Catherine Tate and - inevitably - John Barrowman. A finer love-in there never was I'm looking forward to the Who story after The Waters Of Mars, which I've heard is called something like The Twisted Summer or The Salt-Sea Twist, but I could be wrong.

Anywho, now that Easter's behind us, summer comes a-knockin'. Still having a nightmare over that playlist. I'll post an update in the week. Only two weeks to go.

Welcome back to the working week, everyone.

PS I'm sure I spotted someone from my past who I'd rather forget near work today. I nearly crashed the car.


office pest said...

Hello F-C. Doctor Who wasn't bad, but not great either. It pinched a bit too much from Lara Croft and that other RTD story set on a space bus for me. And the fly people really deserved better. We re-watched the last Christmas special beforehand and that really was better the second time around.

I think the next Christmas two parter you refer to is called 'Twist It Up With Studioline', written by L.O. Real.

Life On Mars returns next week, I am pleased. The trailer features Chant No. 1, sounding good. Maybe that would be suitable for your playlist?

And who's the mystery villain seen thi a.m.? Do tell.

Five-Centres said...

I like that trailer, OP, and I did consider that for the playlist, but I fear no one will remember it. they're all too young. That's one of my major problems at the moment.

The villain shall remain nameless. She is my nemesis.

Lori said...